Thursday, September 2, 2010


My hubby's surgery went pretty well and he is doing nicely.  Alot of pain though :(
I do thank everyone for the prayers, God is good!

Well, with Mr. SweetMeadows out of commission for awhile, everything falls on me.  I have to do the canning, feed the animals, pick veggies, etc., etc.
That doesn't leave alot of time for sewing but I do have a couple nekkid dollies waiting for clothing.  Hope to finish them soon.

Tonight I canned salsa.  It'll be a nice reminder in the winter of the tomatoes that were so fresh this summer!  Tomorrow I must pick beans and probably can some jalapenos and maybe some pepper relish.  Our shelves are becoming quite full, the freezer already is full.

The two new patterns are ready to go so if you would like to order, simply shoot me an email.  They are $10.50 each and if you buy both, shipping is absolutely free!
Have a great evening!!!



sunshineannie said...

Happy to hear that hubby is fine. I've been there too many times, the pain is no fun. Tell him to just rest, sleep as much as he can, and not to get too used to being babied! (Don't spoil him, you'll be sorry!!) LOL
Can't wait to get the new patterns. I love kitties :)
You make me jealous with all your garden bounty. We had a family of raccoons trash our garden. I have only golf ball size onions left. Tomatoes were bad, and the peppers didn't even bloom! Odd summer.

Civil Folks said...

Glad that Mister came through surgery. Praying pain will be over soon and hoping you hold out doing all the stuff around the house!

Frank and Pamela