Monday, November 28, 2011

Open House, Thanksgiving, a whole week....

....gone in a blur.  We had to take our Mother to the hospital early last week, she was in for a few days and decided she wanted to come home for Thanksgiving.  The Dr., however, did not agree but reluctantly let her go.  "You'll be back tomorrow", he said.  He was right.  This time though, she was so ill she had to be taken by ambulance.  I do have regrets as I pushed for her to be home for the holiday.  I just felt she would know if she was well enough and she DID seem much better.  So the week was a swirl of sleepless nights, worry, migraines (of course) and I squeezed in the open house somewhere as well!

A BIG THANK YOU to all that came, and I'm sorry for those I missed while at the hospital.  We are literally picked clean of Christmas items and handmades....not a bad thing :)  We are planning to be bigger and better next year.

We have started to plan our Spring Open House, date will be announced soon.  We will do 4 Open  Houses a year now that we are no longer doing shows.  I wish I had gotten around to taking pictures but there just was no time.  I did get a great pic of three friendly faces in front of the shop, maybe you know them!!!

They came with their festive handmade Christmas hats, you can't tell in the photo but these hats had Christmas lights and they were lit!!!  Such fun!
I did get this picture to share, I love the way this shutter turned out with the candy cane.  I made this so the candy cane is removable, I was thinking some spring flowers would surely look nice!
(Can you tell I'm ignoring winter??!!)

Friday, November 18, 2011

There's no biz like "Sno Biz"!

As I've made things for my Christmas Open House, I put a few aside to share in pattern form.  I've selected the easy and fast ones to make. 
I never feel as if I have enough to offer for my open house and with all the craziness here this past week, I've just decided to accept things for what they are.
As they say, "It is what it is"!  That's really a silly saying, like the alternative would be, "It is what it Isn't"??!! lol

Anyhow, before I lose my train of thought, I offer for sale this most EASY and I mean EASY, and fast to make pattern.
Pattern will include the fat snowmen, they are about 14" give or take an inch depending on their hat length.  It includes the hats, the mittens, and those twig-like arms that bend....I'm loving these arms!

 Also in the pattern is that cute 3-D tree!

This one is $9.50 + shipping and I do not yet have an epattern, sorry. 
Did I tell you they are easy to make? HAHA!
Have a good weekend and God Bless you all,

Saturday, November 12, 2011

UH OH.....Christmas Open House date change.

I'm sorry to have to do this but something totally unexpected has come up and needs our immediate attention.  Our Christmas Open House planned for next week will be postponed until the following weekend. 
Our shop is now closed but we will be back to  reopen on 11/23.   We are closed on Thanksgiving Day but our Christmas Open House will run from Fri, Nov. 25 thru Sun. Nov. 27.
After that we will be open Saturdays and Sundays until Christmas.

I'm sorry if this is causing anyone an inconvenience but sometimes life gets in the way of even best laid plans :(

Hope to see you as I do have some nice handmades to choose from as well as the antiques and primitives as well as sweets and treats to sample while you browse.  I will also be doing a couple raffle/giveaways over the weekend.

If you would like directions or need to phone, email here:

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh boy, A Few Good Men!

Still in the creatin' mood.

Meet A Few Good Men.

These soooo prim guys are one of my easiest and quickest patterns.
The pattern includes all three men.  These are NOT ornies, no sirreeeee, they are at least 17" tall and that doesn't include hats!
Pattern includes directions to make all three men, as well as hats, the little snowman pocket that Santa has too.  You can purchase little craft mittens for them but WAIT!!!!  You won't have to!  Get out those old sweaters, 'cus there's also instructions for making your own little mittens!  Probably could use old socks too...LOL!
Did  I mention these were easy?!?  I made all three in a day!
My fave is the gingerbread but my family likes Santa....wonder why......?!

Good Ol' Santa with snowman pocket

Gotta love those oversized mittens.

Pattern is $10.50 + shipping.
Email to order.
Have a nice day, I'm off to see what else I can come up with, wish me luck!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Santa Bear

Santa Bear Pattern.  I made up a couple of these guys for my shop's Christmas Open House and now I'm offering the pattern.  As I make things up, I might have more patterns to offer, ya just never know!
I have about 1-1/2 weeks to get stuff done.....ugh!
Anyhoo, this pattern will allow  you to make this 15" tall standing bear as shown. Pattern includes directions to make the bear, his santa hat as well as the dirty candy cane ornie. Complete instructions for making your bear old and grungy looking if you so desire! Also includes pattern and instructions for the wood base. Fairly easy pattern here!

$9.50 + if you'd like to order.
Have a great day!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

O Christmas Tree....

I'm creatin' again!
Must have been all that snow that was dumped on us last weekend, thank God it warmed up and it's just about gone.
I had this idea in my head, to make the tree.  But sometimes what is in your head does not always translate
to paper as you wish.  In this case, I don't care, I am pleased!
This is a new design, and it's in pattern form.  The full tree pictured is about 36" long.  Yep, it's a biggie.
But guess what, you can make it any size you want!  Woohoo!
Pattern includes complete instructions to make the tree, AND the crows.

You don't have to put crows on it, you can decorate it any way you choose or not!
It's oh so primitive and stained, I love it.
You can also opt to make the tree in a smaller version, pictured below is the tree at 17" tall.
You can pretty much make it any size you want to. 
There are also dimensions for the wood base
for the big tree to stand.

I also include directions for making the the can look rusty and there will be a copy of my
label that I used for you to stain as well.

Let's not forget the crows!  You will get instructions for making the
crow into ornies to hang with tiny santa hats!

All of this in one pattern for just $10.50 + shipping.
Imagine this tree frosted with Mica, or in a nice print fabric,
or done up in a different pink!  HAHAHA!