Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sweet Annie!!!!

If you, like me, love the smell, texture and look of Sweet Annie, then you can never have enough!  Which is why I grow my own.  Sweet Annie is easy to grow and can get very tall.  I harvest mine when the seeds form, the leaves will appear to be replaced with tiny golden balls. 
I've cut a huge bunch this morning, it is now all in containers filled with glycerin and water.
If you choose to air dry your Sweet Annie, it will eventually fade to a brownish color and will be dry and shatter easily....making a nice mess.
By preserving in the glycerin, it retains a green color and a "softness".  And best part is, it still smells wonderful!
I mix 3 parts of water with 1 part of glycerin in a glass container and immerse the freshly cut stems.  Don't overcrowd the stems.  In approx. 1 week, I remove the sweet annie and if there is anymore water in the container, I allow the cut ends to dry.
Purchasing glycerin can be costly if you are not drying ALOT of sweet annie.  However, if you want to give it a whirl, you can purchase a small bottle in Walmart for under $5.00 in the first aid section.
Right now, I have many glass containers of sweet annie scattered around my house, preserving away!!

October 2013 update:
I found this site with info on preserving so check this out as well!!!!!:


Unknown said...

Thank you for the post. I need to start growing sweet annie I am having trouble finding it and finding it where it doesn't cost a fortune.

Old Road Primitives said...

Hi Maureen, Thanks for sharing your tips on drying Sweet Annie! Do you know where we can purchase the seeds? Kim

Janene said...

How nice that I came across your post this morning...because I was just thinking, over breakfast, I wonder if I could grow sweet annie :o)
Now, you let me know that it is easy to grow...and I love the idea of being able to preserve the bunches...but, I too, would love to know where to buy the seeds.
Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the info on Sweet Annie!
I always wondered how they kept it from turning brown & brittle!

Barbara said...

i have looked and looked for sweet all the local farmers mkts...and NADA...ugh...i LOVE THE SWEET AROMA OF IT!!! guessing i will have to try to grow some also! to find the

my sweet "little maureen" has been displayed in her new home...will send pics...big hugz!

Lana Manis said...

Maureen ~ thank you so much for sharing this! I have sweet annie growing for the first time this year and I wasn't sure when or how to harvest and dry it. I really appreciate it! :)

Joan Minervini said...

What is the besdt way to store sweet annie? I keep it both in an air tight container and exposed to air wrapped in newspaper but both ways it deteriorates into green powder with webs attached. Is it a bug? I see tiny moths.