Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall Tour

God really blessed us this summer in our garden.  We shall eat well this winter, freezer is full, shelves are filled with canned goods.  The weather is still holding up nicely so the bean plants are rebounding as well as the zucchini and yellow squash.  We are still picking okra, escarole, swiss chard, cabbage and tomatoes....TONS of tomatoes ripening now.  
But it's time for pulling in the fall harvest.  I've taken a few pics, I didn't get a pic of the haul of pumpkins but I did get a pic of a GIANT pumpkin that grew outside the garden fence in the weeds.  This thing will have to be moved with a dolly or by several men.  You cannot tell from the pic but it is huge. 
Our sunflowers are absolutely beautiful and in many colors.  They have hidden the garden fence.  You can barely make out the prim garden gate.

This year I planted swan gourds for the first time.  Most are about 2 feet long. 

We also have a nice crop of butternet and spaghetti squash.

Hope you enjoy the pics!


Unknown said...

All looks beautiful!! I would love a garden!

kjb139 said...

What beautiful sunflowers!! They are spectacular! I love the gourds and pumpkins! A feast for eyes and soul!!!

Kathy in MA

Unknown said...

Maureen: Your sunflowers and garden harvests are wonderful!! I am definitely going to plant spagetti squash next zucchini finished up early this year...probably because I didn't water them like I usually do...I've grown bottleneck gourds last year and this year...they are terrific prim pieces...either plain or painted.
ps: let me know about the round about pattern.

Prims and Annies said...

Really enjoyed your pics...a garden is so stand back and look at was produced in a small space. A very good recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Bread can be found on is heavenly. I was able to bake 24 loaves of Zucchini bread in early summer. Thanks for sharing.
Maxie in South GA

Civil Folks said...

Maureen, a simply wonderful garden. Ours dried up weeks ago, very hot and scorching here.

Got a great Butternut Pie receipt from the 1800's if you want it.


Cyn said...

First off..I am jealous LOL..I live in arizona and can not grown anything but DUST! Your garden is beautiful! I could so see myself sitting in your garden and reading a book. Someday I hope to live somewhere I can grow something :)