Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lancaster bound... much wonderful shopping to be had!  I always come home with the best fabric and then there's ALL the other stuff!  Wish me luck on my treasure hunting.
See you in a few,

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oh boy, new stuff!!

I hit highs and lows when it comes to creativity.  I know it's getting late for spring but I am one that cannot create and design ahead of a season.  I have to "live" in the moment to be inspired.  However, I'm quite pleased with these designs that I have to share with you.
First, we have Dancing Rabbits.  These garlands came out better than I had hoped.  You can make them any length you like by simply adding more eggs or more rabbits.  The eggs are about 4" high, the rabbits are about 7" high each.  Just to give you an idea of size, the top garland measures 28" across not including the ties.  AND, the rabbits garland measures a whopping 42" across not including the ties!! WOW!    This is an easy pattern.  Pattern is $9.50 + ship.

Next,  we have the daffodils.  I started out by making these for my spring open house but decided they were too nice not to share.  These are really easy to make and are life size.  I have them arranged in a basket but you can do most anything you like with them.  Put them in a vase, or a dolls hand, probably a rabbit would be kewl!  This pattern is $8.50 + ship.

And, finally, we have Bitty Critters.   These little guys are so cute, you'll want to make tons.  And you can as they are also easy.  They measure in at a mere 7" tall, not including ears.  You can make bears and bunnies.  The bears can be made with a round-ball-like head or a flat round head.

You can embellish them any way you like with buttons, patches, etc.

And, then there's the rabbits.  You can make the rabbit head shaped, or the flat, round head as well.   And then there's always that bear, wearing a rabbit suit!  He's not fooling anyone!

This pattern is $9.50 + ship.

I will be selling the finished goods in a few days on and ebay also if you just don't feel like making your own.
Have a great day, we're having spring weather here in the northeast and it sure feels good!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

New stuff and our Spring Open House.

Well, it's almost time for Spring Open House here at SweetMeadowsFarm.  We are located in northeast PA, so if you are in the area, stop in and say hello. 
If you would like directions, shoot me an email. 
I have 3 new patterns almost ready to release.  Of course, the daffodils pictured is one of the patterns so you are getting a sneak peek!  The others will be ready tomorrow so stay tuned!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Still at it....

....that diet.  Lost officially now 20 lbs. since Jan. 1.
I'm eating now almost all raw, subbing meals for those green smoothies most days.  I do still need to have an occasional cooking "something" though.
The other night I remarked to hubby that I actually do NOT miss potato chips and the like.  Can't believe I said that!

In other news, I've been up to my eyeballs in wholesale doll orders and just getting out from under that now.  I do have a few quick and easy spring patterns to finish and release this weekend. 

The weather is getting nicer and nicer, not that we really had a winter but who's complaining! LOL!!

Enjoy your day,