Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Past-tyme Playmates and Meow Mix!

Hmmmm.....you might say!  These are the names for my new patterns.  Since I chose a combination of different names, I will be sending a free pattern to a few people. 
On another note, my husband is having surgery tomorrow so if you have emailed me or do in the next day or so, I might be a little late in answering.  Keep Mr. Sweetmeadows in your prayers tomorrow morning!

I will update here on the available shipping date for the new patterns.  It will depend how tomorrow goes.  Until then, take a peek at the pics and Oh, I almost forgot, I am listing the cats on ebay tonight as well as another cute, chubby raggedy doll.  Just click the link to the right of my blog for ebay.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday, Monday, Hip-Hip-Hooray!

I'm not crazy....really.  But I do like Mondays.  Weekends days here are always packed full of chores, outings, etc.  This past weekend we did alot of canning.  ALOT.  This morning I leisurely got up, got it together and now I'm passing my morning in front of the computer....sipping coffee that my dear hubby brought to me.
It just doesn't get much better than that.
He even comes to "top off" my cup when it gets low!  What a guy!

Today I will put the finishing touches on two new patterns, AND choose a name for the doll pattern.  I have so many entries, both here and via email, THANKS everyone!  By early evening they will have their name and tomorrow the printing begins.

Enjoy your day, it's a fine one here in northeast PA!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Name that pattern!

I have a few new patterns almost ready.  However, I don't have a name for one of them so I'm going to have a lil contest here.  I have a pic of the dolls here that are in the pattern.  They are 13" long, fat round heads and oh-so-chubby little short legs!  You'll just wanna squeeeeeeeze them for sure.
If someone can come up with a good name for this pattern in the next 2 days, AND I chose your name, I will send you the first pattern of these dolls for free.
You may post your entries here or email if you like.
Oh, and if you think you need to have one or both of the dolls, I have them listed on ebay right now:  My Ebay, click here!!  Thanks in advance!!
Maureen (who is stumped at the moment)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

What I'm doing and show report!

Okay, I guess this pic tells it all! lol  Well, not all.  This week, I've been canning tomato sauce, freezing beans and peaches and baking.  Yup, peach shortcakes and even a peach pie and cinnamon buns.  The garden is surely giving us quite a bounty and we will eat well this winter.  Next week it will be more beans, two kinds, and blueberries too!
There are pumpkins beginning to turn orange out there and swan gourds hanging on the fence.  There are about 3 BIG pumpkins and a bunch of smaller ones.  Winter squashes are under every plant as well.  We've already harvested potatoes and onions and corn, carrots and yellow squash and zucchini.  We are waiting on more tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, okra, cabbage and brussel sprouts.  This week we will be eating fresh swiss chard and fresh escarole.  Can't forget the herbs, we have basil, parsley, oregano and sage as well as cilantro.
Oh, let's not forget the watermelons too!  We have been so blessed this summer and I thank God for providing all of this.
The show was good.  The weather was perfect and I hardly had to pack up any dolls to take home.  They are now proudly displayed in our shop.  I really need to get some pics for you all to see.  Very soon, I promise!  If you are in the area or feel like taking a drive, we are having our Christmas Open House on Nov. 19, 20, and 21.  I'll post more about that at a later date as I don't want to rush summer out the door!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Off to the show!!!

Well, I'm leaving shortly for the show.  If you are planning to go, be sure and stop by and see me!
It is located in the streets of Lititz, PA.  There are 800+ vendors so it's a great day out and the weather looks to be nice!
It's tomorrow, Aug. 14.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fall Into Winter...New Pattern!

Whew. One of these days I'll figure out this blog/picture thing. Until then you will have to click on each picture to get the full picture.

This pattern has been in the works for weeks, maybe months. Just worked on it here and there as I had time. It's a HUGE pattern, packed full to take you thru the Fall season, right into Winter. Hence, the name!

The dolls will range in size from 10" to 12" long. Here's a group shot!

First, we have the scarecrows. Two slightly different guys but both equally fun! You can embellish these guys with the little crows, also included in the pattern. Or give them each a pumpking to hold. There are 2 sizes of pumpkins in this pattern.

Next, are the Pilgrims, who doesn't love pilgrims!? These serious looking dollies are pretty easy to make and directions for them as well as their clothing are in this pattern too.

Moving right along, here is the sweetest lil pumpkin dolly. Check out her feet! You will recieve directions to make her as well as her clothing and also instructions for making her sweet eyes and face. Also included in the pattern is the candy corn she is holding.

Moving into Winter now, we have a fat little santa doll. There are instructions for making him and his clothing as well as the candy canes tucked under his arms.

And what is winter without a snowman?! This chubby guy is easy to make, you'll want to make a bunch for your shows!

AND, finally, all of the little ornies pictured are included in this pattern. You can make these up as bowl fillers, add a string for ornies, or tuck one or two into the arms of one of these dollies.

This pattern should keep you busy for a lonnnng time! I've got a box load of these dolls done up for my show.
Didn't I tell you this was a BIG pattern?!
Pattern is $14.00 + shipping and comes with directions for everything shown above as well as a supply lists for the "little things" you need to finish off your dolls and ornies.