Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just a bear.

I decided to list this bear on ebay.  I was beginning to get too attached!  I never, NEVER keep any of the things I make.  I feel as if I have a revolving decor here.  I make stuff, I display it for a week or two, I sell it, I ship it out and then there's room for more new stuff!
I've been buried up to my eyeballs with work and orders and I'm starting to see the light...I think.
Anyhow, if you think you "need" this guy, amble on over to ebay and snag him with a bid!

Click Right Here!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Basket Case Bunnies!

I got these done this week.   I scratched out a little bunny on a scrap of paper at least a year ago.  It sat in my pile of scribbly sketches, some of them are several years old and have yet to become anything.  Well, the first bunny did not come out like the scribble but I liked her.  So I thought she should have a friend that wore a skirt and was darker.  Sooo, then came the brown bunny. 
I "thought" I was done.  Hubby came home, I showed him my work and he said, "but, you need a boy"......oh.
I was not pleased, I felt I had finished.  But sometimes he is right.  (I hope he doesn't read me admitting this)
Back to the drawing board.
Well, there he is, on the end! 

So I'm calling these, "Basket Case Bunnies".  Why? You ask.  I'll tell you.  They fit nicely into an Easter Basket! lol
They are about 12" or 13" and were pretty easy to make.  I think they are probably my last bunny pattern of this year.  But what do I know, never say never.
So the pattern will be shipping out on Monday, you know the drill, if you wanna order, simply send an email and I can send a paypal invoice if you like.
Oh, epattern won't be ready for a couple weeks, sorry.

I'm off now to purchase some stockings for church tomorrow, have a blessed Sunday everyone!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Tip and tools of my trade....

I want to share a tidbit with you right now as I am thinking about it. 
There are some things that I am never without when creating my dollies.  My Prisma pencils and Tourtillions are among those things.  Nothing, NOTHING makes my dolly eyes "pop" more than the shading, etc. that I can do with these tools.  I'm not a painter, I'm a sewer (is that even proper english?!)
The pencils colors I rely on most are:  Cream, Dk. and Lt. Umbers, and Black.  I outline, smudge, highlight ad color eyes, and sometimes brows, mouths, noses and ears.  All depends on what I am working on.

If you are using the pencils, you will want to have a tourtillion.  This papery pencil-thing does all the smudge work for you!  AND, you can even put it in the pencil sharpener!
You will see I have them lettered.  A is and older, stained, and previously sharpened one.  B is a recently used but new one.  C is a brand new-out of the package one.
You should be able to purchase them wherever you get the pencils.

Hope your day is a fine one, God is good!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New patterns!

Well, I got these patterns done but still have not finished the chicken or another that I was working on.  Life keeps getting in the way!
First pattern is called, "Bear Necessities" and it includes patterns and instructions to make this new style of bear with a round-ball head.  There's a simple gusset and if you can sew, you can do it.  You'll be able to make the short, fat sitting bears as well as the taller standing bear.  The little bears are about 11" and the standing bear is about 17" when made up. 

Pattern also includes the pattern and instructions for making the wooden base for the standup bear. You can have alot of fun with this pattern. I made my bears a bit on the grungy side but that is optional

This pattern is $11.00 + ship and I don't yet have it in epattern format.

Then we have Rabbit Stand and I've posted the pics of him below in another post but I'll put it here again!  This pattern includes patterns and instructions for the rabbit, the wooden base and the 4" eggs too!  I've also included the directions for making that little Easter basket that holds one egg.
This guy is about 20" finished from ears to wooden base.
Pattern is $11.00 + ship, I don't have this in epattern format yet.
Last but not least, we have "Eggs"
This is a quick and easy pattern for making these 4" long fabric eggs.  They make up quick and it's a good
way to use up smaller fabric pieces or scraps.
Now, don't buy this pattern if you are buying the Rabbit Stand pattern because the egg is included it that pattern.  However, if you buy two of any other mailed pattern, you will get this pattern free of charge until March 31.
This pattern is $5.00 + ship, not yet available as an epattern.
To order, simply email me:

I plan to have finished items for sale soon on my selling blog.  It is not yet open but I will let ya all know!
Hope your day is a good one, we are having SNOW here.....yup, snow.  They cancelled school twice this week so far.
Spring can't be far off, right??

Monday, March 21, 2011

Current list of E-patterns

Okay, I have listed the available epatterns and prices on my picturetrail site.  If you are not familiar with the pattern you can find it on the picturetrail site. 
This is how I have to do it until I have the time to change the site around.
I will be adding epatterns in a week, probably weekly after that until all of my patterns are converted.  ALL of them will eventually be in epattern form.

Just click here to go to the picturetrail site:

Sunday, March 20, 2011

E-patterns are coming!

I'm finally getting with the program.
There will be epatterns, there ARE epatterns.  But not nearly all of my patterns yet.
So I guess what I am saying is this, I think I have about 25 to 30 patterns available in epattern form.
This will cut down on postal issues, time spent at the printer and time waiting for your patterns!
I know you are excited......

I should have a list of them on my picturetrail site tomorrow or Tuesday but if you are interested in what is available, simply email me.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

So many shoes...

Look what I found!
Well, I didn't find it was buried in my craft room.  I NEED to get rid of stuff, every square inch of that room is full of stuff.  I forgot about these baby shoes, collected over the years to put on just the right old looking dolly.  I put the box on a bottom shelf and forgot about them.  So I got to thinking and I'm going to have an online yard sale....soon, very soon.  I'm going to rid myself of things I have too many of, too much of, or just won't ever get around to using.  Might even have to part with fabric   *shudder*
I spend wayyy too much time looking for things that are packed away or buried and that is time I could be sewing or creating.........

or napping  :)

So, in probably two weeks, I shall announce my yard sale along with a link.  Please feel free to relieve me of some of my stuff!!

How about a lil bear?

No chicken yet, but I WILL get it finished today.
But how about this bear?
The patterns are getting their finishing touches....
BTW, if you won a pattern with the last giveaway and haven't gotten it, email me.
With the craziness leading up to the shower, "some" things were left undone.......
I do apologize!

Friday, March 18, 2011

No chicken's about a rabbit?

Still working on the chicken and other rabbits, a bear too.
Got my hands full for sure.
I just wanted to show you my el grungo rabbit and yup, he's a stander!
See how I incorporated those eggs?!
I'm really busy, the shower is behind me, orders are done and I have time...sorta.
I've been keeping late hours and getting up early.
.......except today....*gulp*
I slept in.....till 10 a.m.
It's all beauty sleep and I sure could use lots!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The chicken or the egg..........?, which came first?

Well, in this case, the eggs!

Why, you ask, welllll, simply because the chicken isn't finished yet!

hee hee.....

Fast making eggs, 4" long each, a cheapo pattern for sure but will probably have a deal for it when the chicken is available.

Soon.....very soon.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rise And Shine!

Wow, really?
At 4:30 a.m.?
What's up with this lately.....I seem to wake most days at 4 a.m.  It's been happening for at least a month now.  It doesn't have anything to do with the time change since it started before that.  It would be fine if I could just start my day at that time but I really do lose steam around 9 a.m.
Some days I go back to bed for a mid-morning "nap".
I just want to sleep a normal pattern, get up at a normal time, and begin my day......normally!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cell Phone users+Do not call list!!

Cell phone users, did you know in about a month our numbers will become public knowledge and available to the telemarketers?

You can call this number, from your cell phone now, to get on the "do not call list" and hopefully this will help fend off the unwanted calls: 888-382-1222
You must call from your phone that you want to add to the list.

Monday, March 14, 2011

So much Sweetness!!

My daughters baby shower went off as planned.  It was a great time of family and friends.  We have a large family, and we all have children and grandchildren and for my Mom, new great grand babies all the time!  Anyhow, all our husbands and even the kiddos are invited.  What can I say, it's all about family!!
We rented the community center in town as we had over 40 in attendance.  My daughter-in-law, nieces, and sisters and Mom all had a hand in helping to either make decorations, set up, clean up, etc.  Thanks to all!  And thanks to all the men in our families who watched the kiddies so the women could have on the shower!!!  heehee
Here's a pic of what it looked like two nights prior.  Pretty boring and empty.
But then, we added the pink and brown!  We even wrapped a clothesline around the entire center, utilizing those ugly poles!  The clothesline was filled with baby clothes.  For each item you put on the line, you got a ticket.  There was a table of prizes with a container in front of each prize.  You could place your tickets in whichever container you chose.  Throughout the shower, my daughter pulled a ticket from the container and the winner would get that particular prize.  Just some more fun!
We set all the tables with pink tablecloths and plates, etc.  We cut brown polka dots from felt and randomly placed them down the tables.  There were pink candles, pink fresh flowers and cut branches with pink paper flowers attached to them, placed in canning jars with spanish moss.  We made all of the tissue pompoms hanging from the ceiling.  I wish the pictures could truly capture it.

The guests of honor arrive!
Checking out the clothesline!
After dinner it was time to open all the presents with Grandpa overseeing!

A little bit of help!

I made sure to get a frilly pink dress!

What's a shower without some ham???!!!

And even a little more ham.....

Oh, look, isn't that the cutest blonde gift???!!

At each table, we had goodie boxes with nametags on them in pink and brown.  These served as placecards and after the gifts were open, everyone got to fill their boxes from the pink and brown dessert buffet!
We had several kinds of cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, cheescake squares, cream puffs, chocolate dipped pretzels (pink of course!), cannolis, mini cupcakes in chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet, assorted chocolate candies,  and chocolate lollipops!

Everyone, I mean EVERYONE enjoyed the dessert buffet!

My daughter got everything she needed and then some!
I want to thank everyone that helped and everyone that came to celebrate the impending arrival of our newest blessing from God!!
We all can't wait to meet you baby Gabriella!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A sea of pink and brown....

We are in the throes of a baby shower here at the "farm".  Well, it won't be here, we've rented a place in town.  There shall be 35-40 folks in attendance this weekend.
It's been a whirlwind of activity, planning, purchasing, cooking, more till we drop!

All of this you see, is in preparation for the arrival next month of our sweet Gabriella!
We have no clue as to her weight, we don't know whom she shall look like, whether or not she has alot of hair, what color her eyes are....but we love her just the same!

This will be my daughters first and only (she says now) baby.  But she will be mine and Mr. Sweetmeadows' third grand baby.
We are TRULY blessed by God!

The shower theme?  You guessed it, pink and brown!  There will be lots and lots of pink and brown and even polka dots.  Grandma loves polka dots!  heehee

I promise pictures, lots of them and even some of my recent excursion too.  But they'll all have to wait until after the weekend is over

So for now, there is lots of decorating, wrapping, and more shopping to do!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


You all know the drill, first 3 people to leave a comment right now will each recieve one free pattern!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Someone's having a birthday today!

Nope, not me. 
Happy Birthday Jeremy!  My firstborn, my only son.  It sure is hard to believe that it's been 32 years since you came into our lives.  I remember everything about that day leading up to your arrival late at night. 
You've brought us joy, growing from a sweet baby to the man that you are today.  Raising your own family now, you are the best husband, best father, best son!
We are so ABSOLUTELY proud of all of your accomplishments and we love you TOO much!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Here's what is new.

A new site, a new doll.  This doll is a one of a kind, there will not be a pattern for this doll.  I am offering her up for sale, if you would like to purchase her, mention you saw her on my blog and there will be NO shipping charge!
A picture you say???
Oh, she's listed on a brand new site!  Just click here to see her and there are also other artists there as well: