Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Doll and fixins too!

This sweet girl is on auction on ebay, just decided to let one go.  I've listed her on ebay so if you think you'd like to have her, hop on over to my auctions.  This doll also comes with a bonus.  A nice generous portion of our "Farmers Field Fixins".  Smells sooo good and it comes with a dropper bottle of refresher oil.

We also have the fixins for sale.  One bag of fixins + one dropper bottle of refresher oil for $10.00 + ship.
These are the very ones that are a free bonus with my doll auction. Shoot me an email if you are interested!  They smell of apples, oranges, and sweet spices!  My perfect "recipe"!
Me and Mr. SweetMeadows are getting out of town for a bit, really NEED a rest.  I will be able to check email and all orders will be taken care of by my daughter.  If I'm lucky, she might even answer my phone! lol
I don't suppose she'll want to clean the house though...........*sigh*....but at least I can count on the animals being taken care of.
I hope everyone is having the best of days!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

This needs to be said......

Please spay or neuter your pets!!!!
 I can't stress this strongly enough.
We purchased our home almost 18 years ago.  It is in a rural setting and we have a small barn.  Well, it has been like a magnet for those wishing to "dump" their cat.  Over the years I can't tell you how many cats have been dropped off in front of the barn.   Like they are supposed to just fend for themselves and somehow make a home and feed themselves.....makes me angry.  I'd like to catch just one of the jerks that does this.
There are four stray cats now living in the barn across the road from my house.  Some jerk dropped off a pregnant mother cat and she had a litter.  My husband crosses the road twice daily with food and milk for them.  We called all of the shelters in the area and they say it's an epidemic.  So, today my sweet hubby drove 45 minutes each way today to get the safe trap so we could collect them one at a time.  The orange tabby was in it within 30 minutes.  My hubby got back in the truck to make the 45 min. each way drive, AGAIN, to drop the cat off to be neutered.  At our expense.  We are going to do all 4 of the cats and allow them to be outside cats, living in the barn across the road, having meals delivered twice a day.
Not bad for being strays, eh?!
But then, we love our animals.  As I type this, one of my inside cats is sleeping on MY bed with the electric blanket on low.......because that's how she likes it!
We now have 3 cats in, 4 cats out.....some chickens and a rabbit.
That's enough for now.
Guess I'd best get sewing dollies faster, we have more mouths to feed!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cookies Anyone???

I've been working on these for my Christmas Open House at our lil prim shop next month.  I made one, liked it so much, I made 3 more.  Now I am going to offer them in pattern form because I think everyone should have some cookies!
I'll have a better picture when I can get better lighting but I couldn't wait to share!  Click on the picture for a larger view.
I drew up the pattern, got the directions done and I'll pick up my pictures tomorrow.  So, they will be ready to go Monday.   I'll give you the exact brand and color of paint as well as techniques for the shading on the icing.  These babies are 14" long and are quick to make.

I just wish I had come up with this idea before my last show. 

Stayed tuned, I have more patterns in the works!

If you would like to order this pattern, send me an email with your payment preference.  Blog price is $9.50 + shipping.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Show is over!

It literally is!  We had our last show over the weekend, it was three days long.  The first day I pretty much got wiped out of dolls, I actually only had 5 left by the end of the last day.  We also sold tons of my hubby's wood stuff so there was little to pack.  It was a great show, the weather was fantastic and the crowds were buying for sure!   The pumpkins were a huge hit, I brought ALOT of them and I sold all of them in the first two hours except for one lone one and that one sold later on.
Now for the bad news, I forgot my camera.  I was so mad at myself as our booth looked sooooo good on the setup day.  There's always next time I suppose.

I'm happy to be home and spent a good part of today cleaning my seriously neglected house!
I can't wait to sew again, I have some new ideas that I want to put together AND we have our Christmas Open House weekend at our little shop coming up in November.  Busy, busy, somewhere in the middle of all of this, we will be taking an 11 day vacation!

If you are planning on attending our open house, just email or phone me and I'll give you directions.  Should be a good time as we are already planning to get to work in the next day or two. 
No rest for the weary, eh?!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Wool, wonderful wool!

I have to tell you about this wool. I have purchased alot of wool for my dollmaking over the years. Some good, some okay, some bad, BAD. I've gotten some wool, just shoved into a bag and a mess to work with. Welllllll, recently I took another chance on some wool and I'm so pleased I want to pass it along to you.

Linda's wool comes to you, all lined up and ready to use. Yeah, that's right, lined up! Each section of wool is lined up and placed atop each other. So nice to just pick up a piece and go. No more pulling, "untangling" and trying to find the "ends" of each section of wool. This is nicely stacked and nicely prim looking and fast shipping too!

She has an artfire shop, click on the url below and check her out yourself. Tell her I sent you!