Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Open House, New patterns, etc.

Today began the first day of my Christmas Open House at our lil country shop.  Overnight we had a light dusting of snow so it really set the mood!  While it was sunny outside, it sure was cold, COLD.  But that didn't stop the shoppers from coming out.

We are also having open house next weekend.   This will give me a whole week to make new stock for the shop.  Then I plan to close up for the winter until April. 
It seems every year, the holidays creep up quickly and I never seem to just relax and enjoy them with my family.  This year I plan to do just that!
I will still do my ebay and patterns and might even put out something new when an idea pops into my head.

The patterns are ready.  We have "Standup Kinda Guys" and "Deck the Halls"  They are each $10.50
"Standup Kinda Guys" is the standing santa pattern.  Deck the Halls is the pattern for the snowmen.  I've taken several pics to show you what you can do with this one.  I made standing snowmen as well as a snowman head ornie and even put one in a wreath.  Sold that wreath real quick today!

As always, email to order.  Or if you prefer, the patterns will be on ebay this weekend.  Have a good weekend, stay WARM!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Standing Santa Doll version, anyhow.  I was originally making this guy fat.  A fat santa, standing.  But I wasn't too keen on him so here's the newer, slimmer dude.  Must have gone to Jenny Craig or maybe it's just that he hasn't eaten any cookies yet.
I'm making these for my Christmas Open house at my shop this weekend and decided that I would put out the pattern for him.  I also have a way cute snowman that stands but I won't have his pic until tomorrow.  There are more aspects to the snowman pattern, it'll be a good one for sure.
Anyhow, both patterns will be available for purchase by Wednesday so keep watching for more pics and the pattern releases!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's a tough life.....

.....I had to spend almost every day here for the past 11 days!  We just had 11 glorious days in Mexico, on the carribbean on a small island called, "Isla Mujeres", the island of women.
We've been vacationing here now for 21 years and have made many friends, more like family at this point.
Bear with me while I try to catch up, if you have been trying to contact me and have not received a reply by the end of today, please email again.  My sister tried her best to handle business for me while I was gone, but there were a few family emergencies......
For now I will share a few photos with you.
The view from our room:

Dark clouds with the sun streaming through.  Even a bad weather day on vacation is better than a good weather day at home!
Doors of Mexico!

Me and my hubby, nice hair, eh?  But who cares?!!
The wind surely had a mind of it's own and on about the third day or so, I gave up mostly trying to do my hair!