Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Memories

It's been one year since my Mom went to her Heavenly home. Upon some reflection today, I decided instead of being sad, I would honor my loved ones that have gone on ahead with a bit about our Christmas celebration. Christmas Eve was HUGE at my parents home. We were 4 sisters, when we were all married off and our children were young, we all gathered at my parent's for Christmas Eve. My Mom and Gram would spend the entire week, baking, cooking, preparing for this night. We would begin the evening by all attending church, the very same church we all grew up in. After the service, everyone would gather at Mom & Dads. There was family, friends, friends of friends, folks from church, neighbors, just tons of people. The spreads of good and goodies on the tables were huge. Being italians, there was of course, the seven fishes, none of which I, but there was PLENTY of food and treats. We'd spend the rest of the evening, eating, opening presents and just being together. My Dad always sat in the middle of it all in their living room, acting as if all the commotion was such a bother.....we knew he loved it! We'd all get our Dad some sort of joke gift, he really liked those things to my Mom's dismay. At the end of the evening, we'd depart and go home to tuck in our kiddies for santa's arrival. We ALL fondly remember those Christmas Eve festivities and talk of them often. I love and miss you Mom & Dad, Gram, Mary Ann(my sis),Tom, and Aunt Mary Ann, may you all enjoy the birthday of our Saviour as you sit at his feet! Have a Blessed Christmas everyone!!!!!!