Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Find a little humor in all things.

This is my daughter-in-law, hamming it up.  She's down in the hole caused when the big tree blew over and the roots were pulled out of the ground.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bad Storms....

...they rolled thru here a few days ago, leaving alot of damage.  We were under a tornado warning but I figured we live in the mountains so can't be for us.  WRONG.
It was evening, nice and warm, I was laying on my bed watching T.V., the windows were open and there was a sometimes cool breeze.  The breeze stopped.  Then there was this silence and then a wind.  Weird sounding.  It was like a low vibrating roar and it just picked up in sound but there was NO wind or breeze coming in the window.  It got so loud, I got kinda freaked out and shut the window so I wouldn't hear it.  Louder still, I turned up the T.V.  Then I went downstairs because I was spooked, and my hubby was feeling the same about it.  So he went outside but soon came back in.  By now the wind was extremely loud and strong. The wind took down half the tree in my son's front yard, right across the driveway from us.  It was just hanging on the electric wire to my son's house.  Mr. SweetMeadows went back out and down the driveway against my protests.  By now it is raining bad.  I watched him from the porch just as the wind took down the rest of that hanging tree and pulled the eclectric wire out of the house.  The wire was live and was sparking and "jumping" and needless to say, the Mr. got back in the house quick!
We called 911 and they said they would send the fire dept. right away to secure the live wire. 
So, my son was without power, but we still had ours......key word being "had". 
During this time, my sister and mother were experiencing their own damage.  They too heard the strange, loud wind and their house began to shake.  Then windows broke and branches came thru windows.  The HUGE tree in her yard was blown down onto the house.  Another huge tree was blown down thru the back yard. 
It took out her back porch and did MAJOR roof damage.

The tree in the front yard was blown over and the roots were exposed. 

Yet another tree was stripped of its branches and leaves.  CRAZY.  The house across the street also suffered damage as did the house on the hill behind this one.  Across the river there was damage done at a bar/restaurant.  All of this in a path, or line.

On one side of the house, a tree went thru the window, on the other side of the house, another tree thru another window.  It's creepy....like the trees were trying to get it or something......

The electric company came during the night to secure the live wire at my sons house and in turn disconnected ours.....grrrrrr....so we were days without.
Water too.
I've always felt very safe in my home but now, not so much.....

Soooo, if you've been trying to reach me or have an order pending, etc., please be patient as we try to get our lives straightened out and everything back on track here in the next few days.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Panda-monium here!

Pandas everywhere.
Big pattern here, you get directions/patterns for a 16" standing panda, 12" sitting panda, tiny 7" sitting panda, 9" giraffe, and the pull toy too.  You sure can have lots of fun with this pattern.
I know, I am.  I've got grungy, dirty ol' pandas everywhere right now. 
We are opening up our shop for the season this weekend and I needed to make sure to have some new stuff to offer for sale.
Looks to be a REALLY nice and warm and sunny weekend to boot.  Good thing, as most of May was rained out and cool.

Look at that little pull toy, you can put either the giraffe or the lil panda guy on it!  I even have the pull-toy kits for sale too.
If you want to purchase, simply send an email.  Pattern is $12.00 + shipping.  Pull-toy kits are $5.00 + ship and include the wood, 4 metal wheels, and the string.  You will have to paint and age the wood and the wheels yourself.
Mention my blog and I'll take $1.00 off the pattern.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Three way cool things

Okay, so I'm a bit sluggish in the blogging dept. as of late.

I have excuses...I've been busy.
Last weekend three really great things took place.
Thing number 1: My Daughter-in-law graduated from PennState
We got there early enough but it was still really crowded already.  Had to sit in the bleachers
actually sat wayyyy up top but turns out those were great seats......just a little hard! lol
While we waited I must have read thru this at least 10 times!
Before you knew it, they all filed in......whew, it was starting to get hot in there!
I just wanted to share this tidbit from the program!
She's the one with "Hi Dad!" written on the top of her cap.  Her dad passed away a year ago, this was her way of including him!!
Waiting patiently in line for her name to be called!
Afterwards, we took pictures out on the lawn where they had a small catered reception.
This is my proud son and his wife.
And what picture isn't complete with out the Pennstate Lion and a member of the band! LOL

Erika, we all love you and are so proud of you.  You got your degree while having and raising two little children!

Thing number 2:  Hubby took me away for a few days to visit my daughter and our newest grandbaby, barely 3 weeks old.  I was missing her soooo much and spent those day just holding and kissing her.  We even convinced my daughter to come home for the week with the baby!

Thing number 3:  I received a text, EARLY in the morning on the day we were to leave to visit my daughter.  My son stated that the kids wanted to come over and say Good By.....WHAT?...we are only going for a few days.....okay, whatever, I never pass up a chance to see grandbabies!  When they came in, I noticed writing on their shirts but didn't pay attention as I gave hugs and kisses.  When I stood back, I read on Sophie's shirt, "Big Sister Again" and Holden's shirt read, "Big Brother".
Well, guess what, I'm gonna be a grandma again.....WOOOHOOO, soon we'll have a fourth grandbaby!

For me, this week, good things came in threes!

Friday, May 13, 2011

California and Australia!

First person from California and the first person from Australia to leave a comment will get a free e-pattern!
Good luck!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Early Prairie Doll Pattern Is Ready!

The pattern is ready!! The regular price is $12.00 + shipping but mention this blog and it'll be $11.00 + ship. All you have to do to order is email me and let me know your payment preference. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Fabulous Mothers Day!

Each year, for Mother's Day, my son takes me to the garden centers and lets me go hog wild!  Okay, well, I do some of that on my own as well. 
It's a tradition. 
Usually one or both of the grandkids comes along, this year the entire family went.  A horrific downpour didn't dampen the mood (no pun intended!)
We came home loaded with some of the prettiest posies ever, all intended for one garden or another.
That was yesterday.
Today my hubby took me to the flea market.  Sometimes we score big time, sometimes we come home empty handed.  Today was an okay score.
This is what we got:
$1.00 -  Small yellowware bowl
$1.00  -  Old galvanized pail
$4.00  -  Old BIG square galvanized wash tub
$10.00 -  Large Hoosier jar with red lid
$3.00  -  3 Very old pitchforks (don't ask!)
$1.00 -  1 very rusty, very old snow shovel (for a prim snowman)

The afternoon was spent cleaning in the greenhouse, putting my new plants in their new (temporary) home.  They like it, it's all warm and steamy! lol

It wasn't warm and steamy outside today but at least it wasn't raining.  Still got to clean up the weeds and the yard, soon I'll be planting the flowers I purchased after all fear of frost has passed.  Here is how it looked last summer.

But regardless of the weather, I spent time with family.  The grandkids wandered in and out of the greenhouse, at one point my 3 yr. old grandson tried to get his bike inside!!

The only one missing was my new grandbaby, Gabriella.  But we'll see her next weekend (YAY!)
This is what it's all about!!!

We finished off the day with a fine meal and a pretty spring sunset.
Hope your day was a good one!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Early Prairie Doll Pattern Is Ready!

First, let me say, the sun is out today...off and on but I'll take it.

Now, on to the dolls. I created these dolls because I wanted a prairie doll that looked like it was well worn and well loved. Not well worn and SKEERY. LOL! These dolls are worn and soft. The sitting doll has been partially stuffed with rags for a nice weight and feel. They are stained of course but not over done. You can make a standing 16" doll or a sitting 15" doll. They have tiny fingers but don't be scared! I didn't stuff these perfect, I wanted them to look "used". You could make these dolls for a childs room. The little bonnets are cute hanging up too. I've given these dolls a full round head.

I think I will also make the dress to hang on a prim hanger, how cute would that be? You could paint little boots on the feet but I opted not to.

The sitting doll has the cutest pinafore!

I gave the sitting sister a lightly penciled face and the standing sister no face.  I also needle felted hair to the sitting sister but none for the standing sister.

  These are all options.
Now, the pattern is now ready.  If you would like to order simply email me.  It is $12.00 + shipping.

Hope your day is a great one!
Maureen - in sunny PA!!!!!

Here's the little dress hanging on a twig and rusty wire hanger with the little doll bonnet.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Okay, Snap out of it!

Is it just me or has the sun been MIA for a long time? If we get one good day a week, we are lucky. Yesterday was warm...not very sunny but I'd settle for warm. Last evening the thunderstorms rolled thru here and this morning the heat was on again. Yup, you heard me. The heat came on.

I'm thinking I need a little trip....a few days away with Mr. SweetMeadows for some relaxation and maybe to see that new baby that I am missing so........Good thing there are still two others living close by that I can kiss and squeeze at will!

Hope your day is a good one, clouds, cold and all.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

When is stealing not considered stealing???



Buying a pattern does not give you the rights to reproduce and redistribute the pattern.  Nor does it give you the right to purchase an epattern and "pass it along" or print it out and resell it.

It's been brought to my attention that there are some out there, doing just this thing.

It's making me rethink my decision to sell epatterns.....................................

Shame on you, you know who you are and now, SO DO I.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

We've grown by two feet!

Our family has grown by two feet.....two tiny feet!  Gabriella MaryAnn entered our world 10 days ago and we are all so smitten!
So we now have 3 grandchildren, we are so blessed, it doesn't get any better than this....unless of course we add more grandchildren! lol