Thursday, July 29, 2010

What I've been up to.....

Welllll......about a week or so ago I was in the veggie garden, tying up tomato plants. Bend, tie, straighten, bend, tie, straighten, etc. On one of those "straighten" rotations, I felt some pain in my lower back and I could not stand up hardly. Not sure what happened but I've spent a good part of a week, mostly lying on my back. Bad pain, but I wanted to try to avoid a Dr. visit as I go there enough as it is.
The good new is that my back is feeling much better, bad news is the weeds are overtaking the garden and my show in 2 weeks is going to be lacking.

BUT, I have a BRAND NEW pattern, just finishing up the details. This is a good one, big and full of stuff! I'll give a teeny hint, the name of this one is, "Fall Into Winter".

Should have pics to share by the weekend and pattern will be shipping on Monday.

Stay tuned....................

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A fine web....

....I was up early today. Early enough that I wanted to get a GREAT pic of the fog over the back field and garden. I ran upstairs....Okay, I didn't run, but I went up for the camera and by the time I got outside, the fog was all but gone. However, there was a fine dew on the asparagus ferns, it looked as if there had been a frost overnight! So, I got my camera ready and lo and behold, there was something else in my line of sight! I shot the ferns but take a look at the spiders web, formed in the old daylily stalks!
It won't be long before the sun takes care of all of that dampness. Make sure you enlarge the pics for the detail.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dolly for sale and some new dolly hair too!

I really lucked out in finding some great tiny spun wool in both a burgundy and a raggedy red color. This hair is PERFECT for the small dolls. The actual wool is about thick as embroidery floss....maybe a teeny bit thicker. I've used it on my dolly, "Dot", she's 11.5" long and if ya wanna purchase her, holler quick because I only made one to showcase the dolly hair. If you are a dollmaker and you purchase her, I will toss in a 10 yard bundle of the tiny spun wool in your choice of color.

Doll hair is $3.50 + shipping for 10 yards.
I also have the two-hole black buttons that I used for the eyes in 4 sizes. They are $1.00 per dozen plus shipping.
Be sure to click on the pics to get a closeup!

Digging for....?

Onions! What else! Red ones, white ones and yellow ones.
This is how I spent my evening last night, digging out and hanging the onions to cure. RAN to the shower afterward!

Today I am sewing. I have a new pattern in the works, it should be ready in a day or two. A biggie with lots of choices.

Monday, July 19, 2010

How'd you get your name?

Business name that is. Mine was simple. When we bought our current home about 17 yrs ago, I decided I would grow a field or two of everlasting flowers, you know, the kind that you dry? Well, I did and it was alot of work and the weeds really did get ahead of me. But we did harvest ALOT of everlastings and we hung the bundles from the rafters in the barn to dry. Wish I had taken a pic. Anyhoo, since we had a lot of land and it was mostly fields(meadows), we started to call ourselves, "SweetMeadowsFarm".
I've since given up the dried flowers to sell and we really just have beds of flowers to enjoy during the summer months.
When I decided to start up my doll biz, I just stuck with our original name.
Above is a pic of one of my flower beds and a shot looking back at our veggie garden.
Notice the meadows??! lol

Sunday, July 18, 2010

These are cool!

Love these flowers, or maybe they don't qualify as flowers but what else would ya call them?!
They are Globe Thistle and they are perennial. I started with one plant, quite a few years back and now I have many.....MANY. Everywhere. I love the look and if they are picked at the right time, they dry nicely. But ya gotta be careful picking them, the stems as well as the leaves are covered in thorns. I might put on the heavy duty garden gloves and pick several bunches to hang and dry.....or maybe not!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Even more Mexico pics! lol

I have to tell you about that picture of the wall. I guess that is the best security as we notice this quite a bit in Mexico. It seems they affix broken bottles and glass into the cement while it is still wet. Anyone would be hard pressed to try to climb over that wall!

More pictures for you!

Some photos to share....

....I've been under the weather again. First a migraine and a bout of colitis so all I have to share are some photos from our trip to Mexico in May. These are mostly of the grandies, my son and his wife and my hubby. SOMEONE had to be behind the camera!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yard Sale Junk....errr...stuff!

Well, it was time for the annual yardsale again in the small town where I cleaned up last year. We headed out early and it seemed there was not gonna be a jackpot this year. It was getting hot and me and my hubbs were getting hungry and we were just about to head for home. There was one more sale on the map, it was wayyy up a back road and we decided at the last minute to go.
Below is a pic of some of my haul. We paid just $5.00 for that red cupboard! The grain scoop, a mere $1.00. The wicker carriage was $45.00. That was the most expensive piece but I soooo wanted it for display in my shop. We spent about $63.00 total. But we just missed a flax spinning wheel by minutes :(
This woman had a barn FULL of stuff that we couldn't get to so I gave her my name and phone number and told her to give me a call when she could un-earth those treasures!

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday filled with fun, family and friends...oh, and fireworks! It was hot, HOT here, still is. We are having a MAJOR heatwave here in the northeast with temps reaching 100 degrees in some areas.
Yesterday I spent my afternoon on a float in the pool. Today I'll spend my day working inside with the A/C full blast!!!