Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yard Sale Junk....errr...stuff!

Well, it was time for the annual yardsale again in the small town where I cleaned up last year. We headed out early and it seemed there was not gonna be a jackpot this year. It was getting hot and me and my hubbs were getting hungry and we were just about to head for home. There was one more sale on the map, it was wayyy up a back road and we decided at the last minute to go.
Below is a pic of some of my haul. We paid just $5.00 for that red cupboard! The grain scoop, a mere $1.00. The wicker carriage was $45.00. That was the most expensive piece but I soooo wanted it for display in my shop. We spent about $63.00 total. But we just missed a flax spinning wheel by minutes :(
This woman had a barn FULL of stuff that we couldn't get to so I gave her my name and phone number and told her to give me a call when she could un-earth those treasures!

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday filled with fun, family and friends...oh, and fireworks! It was hot, HOT here, still is. We are having a MAJOR heatwave here in the northeast with temps reaching 100 degrees in some areas.
Yesterday I spent my afternoon on a float in the pool. Today I'll spend my day working inside with the A/C full blast!!!


Stitchesnstrokes said...

All I can say is WOW!!!! :)

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Wow, you got some good stuff!!!
I really like the old cabinet
and the buggy.

Bear Hugs~Karen

carla said...

Whoo hoo!!! Looks like you hit the lottery!!!! Those are some great finds!!!! I love to have fun this way and get my little treasures!!! hugs

Lulu said...

Hi there, you really got some nice loot there...there is a saying that goes "someone else's junk could be someone else's treasure". Enjoy x

Traci~Moon Gypsy said...

Boy did you hit the jackpot on that cupboard....that is my Favorite piece....Glad you had fun and are surviving the Heat Wave, it's hot here in PA too...Blessings, Traci

Sew Many Raggedies said...

Love that cupboard!! You really hit the jackpot ~ wish we had that kind of "junk" where I live.

Rhonda said...

with that cupboard and buggy you hit the jackpot for sure ole lucky!!!!! Isn't it nice when a day of hunting for treasures pays off....congrats and Blessings, Rhonda

oldecrow said...

WOW! I want to go "junkin'" with you!

Unknown said...

What awesome goodies!!
Im drooling over that cabinet!!
And that buggy is fantastic!!
Yes, DROOLING here!!

Have a wonderful week!

Barbara said...

You should come here to wisconsin to rummage....oh goodness....i find TONS like this all the time!!! If it wasn't so much to ship..i'd gladly scoop a bunch for you!!! I have 9 vintage washboards lining my front garden at the moment....linens...shutters...trellis' i got an antique farm table for $5.00...tons...you def hit a jackpot!!!
just gotta have an EYE for what things can be....and you have one!
(well TWO...lol)

AngieSH said...

WOW u found some great things, lucky girl!