Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dolly for sale and some new dolly hair too!

I really lucked out in finding some great tiny spun wool in both a burgundy and a raggedy red color. This hair is PERFECT for the small dolls. The actual wool is about thick as embroidery floss....maybe a teeny bit thicker. I've used it on my dolly, "Dot", she's 11.5" long and if ya wanna purchase her, holler quick because I only made one to showcase the dolly hair. If you are a dollmaker and you purchase her, I will toss in a 10 yard bundle of the tiny spun wool in your choice of color.

Doll hair is $3.50 + shipping for 10 yards.
I also have the two-hole black buttons that I used for the eyes in 4 sizes. They are $1.00 per dozen plus shipping.
Be sure to click on the pics to get a closeup!


PatC - All is Bright said...

Dot is adorable! Do you sell the pattern for her?


Anonymous said...

very sweet Maureen, where did you find that tiny spun wool?

Patty said...

Your tips on stuffing damp parts is wonderful. I am new at making cloth dolls and this really has solved "one" of my problems. I realize now it has nothing to do with the fabric, as I thought. Thanks agein. Patricia

Barbara said...

beautiful baby!!!!!