Friday, December 30, 2011

A Self Cleaning Bathroom

Sounds good, eh?
I think this is a wonderful idea, you press the button and the doors lock.
They won't open again until the bathroom is cleaned!
Of course we'd have to remove curtains, accessories, etc. first,  but wouldn't it be worth it?!
I hate cleaning the bathrooms.....
Self cleaning, not likely.
But one can dream, right?!!!


Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Maybe while they're at it they could invent a self-cleaning kitchen!

Nanna said...

I like it! kinda like back in the day when they had flea bombs LOL LOL

Kays Kids said...

Well it doesn't cast anything to dream. I think we should put it out to all inventors, as a challenge for 2012. Happy New Year and clean bathrooms to you. Ha Ha!!

DianeM said...

I have longed for this invention for a long time too ;P I think something could be worked sort of like a carwash right? It would blast the whole room with hot soapy water & then turn on an industrial dryer...the water used could be kept in reservoir to use for toilet flushing...easy peasy! Let's keep our fingers crossed.
Smiles, DianeM

Vada said...

Using the 'lock the door' part...Just lock a kid or a hubby in there and don't unlock it until it's spotless! Meanwhile, it would keep them from messing up the rest of the house, and you could watch whatever you like on tv, probably a couple of movies and two or three soaps. ;)