Saturday, December 3, 2011

HoHOHo, Let it Snow!

We are not getting snow, thank the Lord!
In case you haven't determined this yet, I hate winter.
So, what is it, you ask?
It's these two.  Made the snowman for my open house.  Sold it repeatedly.
Completely sold out....of many.  That's how many I made! hehe
So I thought I'd put it in a pattern because it's WAYYY easy.
Are you seeing a pattern here lately, I've been making some stuff that is fast and easy.
I decided he needed more.  So I then made Santa.
I call this pattern, "HoHOHo, Let it Snow"
Seems to fit.......
They are 14" tall and pattern includes both dolls and their clothing.  Even has a source for making
those little round tags or if you don't wanna make them, you can purchase them ready made to
go with your pattern.
$10.00 + shipping gets you this pattern, ready to ship now.
I don't have the epattern for this one.  I'm shopping for a new scanner tomorrow!!!!
Hope your day is a good one, without snow and warm and sunny to boot!!!!!


Auva said...

oh now I wish I had ordered this one too!! soooo cute!!

hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday! and your mom feels well enough to join you!


Suzanne said...

I love all your patterns Maureen and this one is another winner! Thanks for making them easy to sew up quickly and small enough to ship in the shoebox size priority mail boxes for us online sellers. You have an awesome Christmas yourself and I can't wait for the new Year and new patterns from you.

Unknown said...

Love these Maureen!!! So cute!! Did you get my order a few weeks ago for the other fat Santa from Primnest through paypal?
patti ;)

The Gingerbread Corner said...

Will you be putting this pattern on ebay soon? thanks

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Dear Maureen,
I just sent you an email order for HoHoHo, Let It Snow. I'm goin' crazy
for these guys, I CAN'T WAIT until
the pattern gets here. Even
Mr. Glen Oaks is smiling over them!
Warm Holiday Wishes Everyone!

jennifer768 said...

Love them!Hugs,Jen