Thursday, December 16, 2010

Open mouth, insert foot..... just "maybe" I should have listened to the Mr.  I haven't decorated this tree yet, I've only hung a few strands of lights on it.  It's dropping needles like mad......
Yup, I know, the artificial tree wouldn't make a mess.

So now I'm afraid to light the tree because it's kinda dry and I don't want a fire....and I'm tired already of the mess.

Probably it's the stove making it dry out..... at least that's what I think.  It's been so cold out that we've had that thing burning non-stop!  But I figured it would be okay because I put this tree in the dining room.  Oh well.

So I mentioned to the Mr. that I should maybe toss this one out back and pull down one of the *gulp* fake trees.  He thinks I'm nuts, he said just deal with it.
Tomorrow, after he leaves for work, I'm going up into the attic *shudder* and fetch myself one of those fake trees and then give this bad boy the ol' heave-ho.

Too was starting to grow on me.


Yankee Ridge Primitives said...

Awwwww, bummer about the tree Maureen! Next yr go for a Norway spruce, as long as you keep them watered they shouldnt loose MANY needles. Ive had mine up since Nov 14 and its just now starting to drop them from the bottom!!!!

Sheena said...

I am having the same problem!!! Our tree will not drink water!! Grrrr...the needles are dropping off like crazy! So were just gonna be extra cautious and just deal with hit like your hubby said hehe! DON'T TOUCH THE TREE!! p.s. just bought the heirloom bear pattern from you on ebay...LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!