Friday, December 10, 2010

One VERY ugly Christmas tree.......

I finally got my Christmas tree.
If you can call it that...
I have not done any decorating yet, none.  Not sure what I'm waiting for.
I've been on the hunt for a "charlie-brownish" type Christmas tree.  Everytime I ask for one, I get weird looks, to which I add, "you know, a sparse kinda tree?"  No one is selling them, they all want to sell me a big, fat, bushy tree.  "Look here, this nice tree is only $40.00"........
Did I mention, I usually put up several *gulp* artificial trees?

Not this time, nosiree bob.  I want a real, charlie-brownish, sparse tree.

I was getting desparate, scanning the woods as we went down the roads.  I was even planning to trek out thru the snow into our own woods to find one.  (yeah, right, insert *eyeroll* here!)

So, yesterday me and my daughter-in-law and my grandson, aka Spiderman, hopped in the car and drove up the hill to my neighbors house.  He grows and sells Chrismas trees.  As we drove in, we were surrounded by beautiful trees, you know, the fat, bushy type.

So I hop out of the car, slide on the ice in his driveway, and smile stupidly as I ask, "Do you have any sparse-lookin' trees?"

He momentarily stares off into the grove of beautiful trees, still in the ground and says, "I think I do".  BINGO!!!! 
Bells and whistles go off, lights start flashing, "ATTENTION MAUREEN,   You have won the prize!"

Well, okay, it was only in my head. 
So he picks up this "tree" from the ground, just laying there on it's side.  I instantly fall in love.  It is sparse.  It is crooked and missing ALOT of branches.  There are even branches, snapped and hanging.  And to top it all off, one side is flat!
"I'll take it!"  I say, much to the dismay of my daughter-in-law.  She thinks I've lost it. 
"How much" I ask.   "Oh", he replies, "I could never charge for THIS tree".....I am persistant, I offer him $20.00.  "No way" he says, "I can't take money for THIS tree".
And so it goes until I finally get him to accept $10.00.
We stuff it into the back of the van and drive down the hill to our homes. 
I lean the tree against the back of my house, flat side against the house!

My hubby soon comes home from work, he is not impressed.  "What's wrong with all the trees you have in the attic" he asks?  "Nothing" I reply, "But LOOK at this one, isn't it great?"  *Major eyeroll here*

Later, after some gentle "prodding" I get him to bring it in for me.  "Where do you want this thing?"  I tell him to put it in the dining room.  He kinda shoves it into the corner against the wall, without a stand.  And there it rests.  Gonna have to get creative with this one. 
Here's some pics of it before he brought it in.  The pics actually make it look okay.

Note the crooked trunk near the top and sparse branches!
Nice and flat on this side!!!!  Don't be jealous!!


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Your a very creative person, I'm sure it will look beautiful by the time your done! Can't wait to see it when your all done.
Prim Blessings! Robin

Ahl Cooped Up said...

I'm the same way. I want a tree that's not trimmed to a perfect triangle, or looks like a bush. Your Charley Brown trees is awesome!

oldecrow said...

HI Maureen!
We need to go tree shopping together! I too get those "are you nuts" looks when I ask for a Charlie Brown tree! I finally found one that is artificial (everyone thinks it's real). I love it ,and it makes me happy every time I look at it!
Please post pics after it's decorated!

Linda ★ Parker's General said...

lovin' it!

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

I can't wait to see your tree when you get it all set up! Great pick :0)

Denise * KKL Primitives said...

Your post made me giggle!
I think your Charley Brown tree is awesome - can't wait to see it decorated!!

Jean Barker said...

I use to go searching for charlie brown trees too!! I found the Norway Spruce trees were perfect charlie brown trees. It got so when I went to the tree farms in my area they new me as the crazy lady who wanted the ugly tree! lol.
Yours is great and I can't wait to see it trimmed up with your decorations.

Rock River Stitches said...

Maureen, I got this idea when you said it was flat on one side. Why don't you hang it up on a wall or door and decorate it!! Wouldn't that be so cool!! :)


Judy/My Country Heart Crafts said...

Maureen...It's truly a thing of make us smile woman!!!Judy

Kate said...

Sometimes these trees can be the best trees. Do you think that once upon a time someone cut the top out of this tree for their Christmas tree ? You have such a creative imagination, I'm sure your tree will be wonderful !

Carmen said...

ehyy no esta tan mal el arbolito ,y te ha quedado lindisimo con la decoracion que le has puesto, aunque las cosas hay veces que nos cuestan conseguir son las que luego valoramos mas. el año que viene te preparas con tiempo y buenas herramientas seguro que consigues uno mejor, ojala yo pudiera salir y cortar uno , si necesitas la motosierra yo tengo una , te la presto, jaj