Friday, March 25, 2011

Tip and tools of my trade....

I want to share a tidbit with you right now as I am thinking about it. 
There are some things that I am never without when creating my dollies.  My Prisma pencils and Tourtillions are among those things.  Nothing, NOTHING makes my dolly eyes "pop" more than the shading, etc. that I can do with these tools.  I'm not a painter, I'm a sewer (is that even proper english?!)
The pencils colors I rely on most are:  Cream, Dk. and Lt. Umbers, and Black.  I outline, smudge, highlight ad color eyes, and sometimes brows, mouths, noses and ears.  All depends on what I am working on.

If you are using the pencils, you will want to have a tourtillion.  This papery pencil-thing does all the smudge work for you!  AND, you can even put it in the pencil sharpener!
You will see I have them lettered.  A is and older, stained, and previously sharpened one.  B is a recently used but new one.  C is a brand new-out of the package one.
You should be able to purchase them wherever you get the pencils.

Hope your day is a fine one, God is good!


LoveThePrimLook said...

I love them too. My daughter showed me how to use them a few years ago. I love the look they give when used. Your work rocks !!!

Hugs, Angie

Designs By GuKa said...

Great tips!
Thanks sew much!


Denise * KKL Primitives said...

Thank you so much for these tips. :)

BeFRuiTFuL KReaTioNS said...

I will have to check into the tortillion I too love my water color pencils.

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

Thanks for the tip on the tourtillions...never used those before.

emily said...

Thanks for the awesome tip!!! - Emily

Mary said...

Thank you Maureen for sharing. i use them all the time. Love your new patterns can't wait to see the others you have still in the works.

Maritza said...

were can i Find them ? any suggestions??????
thank you
Maritza- Puerto Rico
Thank you for the tip

sunshineannie said...

I wasn't having any luck searching for them in my favorite online shops, until I found them called "blending stumps". Then there were many!
Thanks for the tip, I'll be sure to get some and try them out! :)

Designs By GuKa said...

Hi Maureen,
The best deal for Tortillions is at

Usually a bag of 6 can be purchased for under a dollar.

~Ilona :c)

Nannie said...

I have these pencils and blending stumps.....use them in card making. I am put off making some dolls as I am hopeless at painting. Are you draw/colour the face rather than stitching the details? Hugs Pauline.