Monday, November 15, 2010

Standing Santa Doll version, anyhow.  I was originally making this guy fat.  A fat santa, standing.  But I wasn't too keen on him so here's the newer, slimmer dude.  Must have gone to Jenny Craig or maybe it's just that he hasn't eaten any cookies yet.
I'm making these for my Christmas Open house at my shop this weekend and decided that I would put out the pattern for him.  I also have a way cute snowman that stands but I won't have his pic until tomorrow.  There are more aspects to the snowman pattern, it'll be a good one for sure.
Anyhow, both patterns will be available for purchase by Wednesday so keep watching for more pics and the pattern releases!


Civil Folks said...


He is beautiful!


old crow said...

Maureen, he is wonderful, you did such an amazing job!! Can't wait to see the Snowman!!

Ahl Cooped Up said...

He's just adorable!
I can't wait for the Snowman either. I'm sure you will be getting an order from me, as usual.

Unknown said...

He is wonderful!!
A must have pattern for me!!
I always love your creations.

Judy Mathis said...

I'll have to have one.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

He is awesome! Can't wait to see the snowman too! Count me in I'm going to want a pattern too! Robin

Unknown said...

Oh Maureen: He is gorgeous!! Gotta have him! Can't wait to see the snowman too! Wish that I could come to your open house.

Barbara said... tall is he? will be waiting ( for the snow person....!!!

Nanna said...

sww he is a nice one! hummm by Wed, huh? you big tease you LOL LOL my set up for my Christmas show is Thur, humm do I dare? LOL