Monday, June 15, 2009

What's in a name?

Many have asked over the years how I came up with my biz name. Well, when we purchased our home and land almost 17 years ago, alot of the acreage was meadow. We were only here about a year when I decided I would grow a field of everlastings, flowers of the drying kind! Thus the name, SweetMeadowsFarm. I would take my drieds to shows and even sell them out of our small barn. After a couple years, I grew tired of the everlastings and moved on. It wasn't till years later that I began my prim doll biz on ebay that I needed a seller name. Soooo, I just carried on the SMF name and it seemed to stick. Now it's also the name of our little shop, in the now renovated small barn where we first started out!

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