Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wedding countdown....

Today I baked more cakes for the wedding. More layers of vanilla pound cake and chocolate pound cake and red velvet cake. Tomorrow we will round it all up with the carrot cake layers and more lemon to finish the baking. Today my sis and her daughters, one of whom is the bride, came over and we made cookie and candy trays for the reception. We spent hours dipping cookies and candies and pretzels in chocolate, crushed nuts, caramel, crushed Andes Mints, choc. sprinkles, etc. Then we drizzled them all with white and dark chocolate. Even little pastries were dipped and drizzled. We were aiming for two big cookie trays but ended up with FOUR GIANT cookie trays. I love chocolate but the smell is permeating every square inch of my home, I think I'll pass on chocolate for awhile.

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