Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sam I Am

Funny, I don't usually make Uncle Sam dolls because they end up looking like santa.  However, this one evolved over days.  I did the body first.  Had no face in mind.  Spent two days going over fabric choices before I settled on this.  I love his coat fabric, I purchased it probably 7 years ago, not knowing what I would do with it.  I just liked it that much.  He got dressed, then came the face and bear and then the hat.  Now, I was stumped because I felt if I gave him a flag, it might have been "stars and stripes overkill"!  I recently made a burlap banner for my nieces wedding so BINGO!, I decided he would have one as well.  On a much smaller scale!
I'm quite pleased with the way it all turned out and I am frantically working on getting the pattern out in just days so that you all can make your own before July 4.
Enjoy your day,


Farmhouse prims said...

I love your uncle sam, your talent always amazes me, I love his banner. hugs, Lecia

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

He is wonderful! Did you use fray check on the banner so it wouldn't ravel?

honeycreekprims said...

He's great. You are so talented!

honeycreekprims said...

He's great. You are so talented!

T.Bacon said...

Love your Uncle Sam