Friday, May 9, 2014

Should I, or shouldn't I?

I have found it difficult to keep blogging now that I'm on Facebook.  I do miss sharing stories and pictures and facebook is really so different.  I think blogging is akin to a public diary for me.  I will give it one more try.  One more push!  In the meantime today I will just share some of what I have created so far this spring.
May God bless your day!



bettyj said...

I am having the same questions in my mind that you are. FB is ok, but just not the same imo. I am reluctant to post pictures of decor on FB or tweaking, etc. I am not getting nearly as many comments as I used to, but my blog is getting lots of hits per day. SO I too am pondering should I or shouldn't I. Good luck with your decision

WoolenSails said...

I prefer to follow blogs, I get lost in facebook and there are so many garbage postings that it gets hard to read the good stuff.


Maureen - said...

I miss blogging so I'm going to try to keep it up. I've made a note for myself :)

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

So many wonderful creations Maureen!!!
I really love the circus one and how you put the animal crackers in front.
I don't have a FB account as of yet ~ I feel for now I can do so much more with blogging ~ maybe FB in the future just for highlights.
Hope you continue to blog.

Nancy said...

I'm very happy to see you do a new blog post, Maureen! Such fabulous photos to look at too! I enjoy your facebook very much but blogging is a good thing! Have a wonderful weekend! :o)

Kays Kids said...

Maureen, your little family is wonderful. You have been so busy creating. I find it hard ti keep up the two as well.

Kays Kids said...

Maureen, your little family is wonderful. You have been so busy creating. I find it hard ti keep up the two as well.

Kady said...

I guess a lot of us are feeling as you do. My blogging pretty much came to a standstill when my sisters brought our mother down here to my neck of the woods when I found an assisted living facility for her. As much as I love my sisters, I knew neither of them would step up and do what was needed for Mom. So, though she was in a facility, which she truly needed to be, it was 14 months of putting my life on hold (which I freely did, it was my mom, after all). I blogged a bit about Alzheimer's and the devastating effects it had on my mom, but then I stopped blogging since all I seemed to be sharing was depressing thoughts and frustration. Mom died one year ago today and I'm still not back into the "groove" of my life, which means I'm also not back into blogging. I stopped sewing about 2 years ago when Mom had a series of strokes and I was traveling 2 hours away to check on her. After she died, we spent months getting her house ready for sale, then another month (down to the very last day, thank you my sisters) getting everything out of the house for the new owners to arrive. I know I'm rambling but it's hard to get back into ANY routines after one has been detoured for whatever reason. I'm going to keep trying to blog and I'm going to do my best to keep it positive. I wish you luck in your endeavors!

Cathyraggedy said...

Hi Maureen i'm happy to see you again,i love your blog, and your little animals are so cute. I have put your name blog at my list bog. God bless cathy