Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mini Roly Poly Bears

Well Spring is here....I think.  There's a LOT to be done outside and I'm not sharing pictures until it is done!!  We've had a very cool spring and even had frost and a freeze this week.  I sure hope that's the last we will see of that.  We are keeping most everything in the greenhouse because the nights are really cool.  So no planting of tender veggies yet.  

So I stay in and sew....and sew.
This is my newest design, it's called, "Mini Roly Poly Bears".  They have fat round bellies and are only a mere 6" tall.  It's a fast and easy pattern to make.

Pattern includes directions for making the bears, the lil paper hat and the flag as well as the staining involved.
Mailed pattern is $9.00 + shipping
E-pattern is $8.00
Simply email me if you are interested in purchasing.
Have a great day!!!


Michelle said...

Gorgeous mini bears!

Hanni said...

these are so cute

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Super A-dorable!

Kays Kids said...

Your little Rolly's are so cute, with their round tummies.