Monday, February 15, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet grandbabies!

Four years ago, on this date, my first grandchild was born. She's a sweet little girl who loves anything "princess" or "girly". Exactly two years later, on the very same date, her little brother made his entrance into the world. He's a spunky two year old and he's all-boy!
I am the most blessed Mom and Grandmom in the whole world!!!


Debbie said...

Did they plan it to be around the same day? Definitely makes it easier to have just one party for both. I remember my boys when they were little would be jealous when the other's birthday rolled around and they just didn't understand why they couldn't have a party too.

Happy Birthday to your grandbabies!


Klik said...

Happy Birthday to both of your grandbabies! Wish health and luck!!!

"B" said...

Happy B'day to your sweet grands!!! They'll never forget the other's birthday. I know because my daughter was born on her brother's second birthday 33 years ago.

It has its advantages. Like Debbie said, you avoid the jealously thing and you get the party thing over in one lick. However, it was double the cakes (Lucy/Charlie Brown, Raggedy Ann/Raggedy Andy, Superman/Wonder Woman...)double the number of kids (boy party in the kitchen/girl party in the living room...). That all ended when they wanted to start having sleepovers!!!! After that, it was SEPERATE parties!

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday to your grandchildren, Maureen!

Grandchildren are just the sweetest, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Best Birthday Wishes for your Grands! I received my patterns this week and have set about gathering my supplies! I'll let you know when I make one of your lovely dolls.

Barbara said...

how awesome is that!!!
my babies are spread out a bit...
jan-1, april-2, august-1, sept-1, october-3, november-2, dec-1
sooo much fun!!!!
I have my sisters pattern ready to roll...and waiting on the brothers to arrive!!!

thanks again!