Thursday, December 10, 2009


Whoa! Woke up with sniffles and an ache in my face near my nose. UGH, sinus issue. We're now beyond sniffles and I'm feeling yucky. Grrrr, seems I always get sick this time of the year, it's just the end of the year catching up to me.
I'm off to "fire up" the electric blanket and just spend the rest of today in bed.


TJ said...

Wishin you a speedy recovery ! It stinks to get sick right before the holidays with soooo much to get done. My family has been passing back and forth a nasty virus =( I've been fortunate to NOT catch it yet.... Ohhh I probably shouldn't have said that lol
Anyway hope you feel better soon
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Chatty Kathy~Palmetto Prims said...

Ahhh, Maureen, I hope you get to feeling better soon. Enjoy the holidays!! Merry Christmas!


aawww! so sorry you're a " sickie".
I feel for ya'.. cause I have sinus problems.. is that a " maureen/maurine" thing??
Get well fast and get them patterns out there..