Monday, August 3, 2009

Late nights, early mornings...

...that is it for this week. My first show of the year is on Saturday. If you are near Lititz, PA, I suggest you visit this one. It's a biggie!
I'm really just finishing up UFO's right now. I'm never fully ready for this one, it seems it's the "warm-up" to my 3 day show in October.

Anyhoo, I have no pics, sorry, but it all goes from the table to the boxes at this point. I'll try to snap a few at the show but these people are buying as you are setting up!!


Chatty Kathy~Palmetto Prims said...

Good luck at your show!! I know you will sell out fast!!

Nanna said...

Lots of sales! Maureen! I know what you mean trying to take pictures at a show, every time you pick up the camera here they come LOL, just smile & say come on in as you're snapping LOL

~*~Leanne~*~ said...

Hi Maureen,
Good luck at your show! I hope your boxes are empty when you come home...Ka-ching!

AwtemNymf said...

lol - i love the header... that's me these days- all Annies in a row! Your Annie dolls are adorable! I chuckjled at the one who spilled their Ice Cream cone :( I think we've all had those days! And the ones with the monkeys! I love them!
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Anonymous said...

LOVE shows where they're buying as you're setting up! :-) Best of luck, Maureen (not that you'll need it)! And, I hope you can get some pics to post. Would love to see your stuff, and it's always encouraging to see nice, busy shows with plenty of buyers in attendance. Hugs! Jodi