Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fall Stuff!

I know, it's been too slow coming.  I deal with health issues on a daily basis anymore it seems.

Today's was a migraine.  Trying to get things done and caught up but I have decided to accept the fact that I am not super human.  Yep, sorry to disappoint....LOL
Summer's been hot (yay!) but dry (BOO).  The garden is trying it's best but we are having to water to keep it alive.  There is some promise in there, however. 
I've enjoyed some time outdoors with my grandies, just sitting in the swing while they play is good enough for me.
Here's the first of my fall offerings so far,  I simply call this one, "Fall Stuff".  That just about covers it.
In this pattern you will see a variety of items.  First we have this banner, I measured it at 39" long not including the tie strings.

 Each of those cats and pumpkins would make good bowl fillers or ornies as well.

Then we have the trio.

These are easy to make.  The candy corn and the pumpkin are 10" tall,  the cats are 7" tall and the widest point, their heads, are about 5" across.  They will stand freely when you
attach the cat to the front.  You can also just make a bunch of
cats, or just a bunch of the big pumpkins or candy corns

At any rate, you should be able to have ALOT of fun with this pattern.  It is $10.00 plus shipping but mention you saw it on my blog and I will ship for free!
As always, hope your day is filled with God's blessings!!!


Kays Kids said...

Sitting on the swing and watching Grand children is a very important job and a very rewarding one.
Your pattern is delightful as ever.

WoolenSails said...

I love your new pattern, that would be fun to make as a garland and to fill bowls. I am trying to finish a wedding pillow, but would like to do some fall things soon.


CardinalCrafts said...

Very cute! I love it! Its wonderful to have grandchildren. To bad you couldn't talk to Dr. Oz about your headaches. He seems to have a lot of good ideas. Maybe he would know something that could help you. He has a lot of ladies come on the show. Wonder if he has covered this before. Check out his web-site?


Carol said...

Very sweet and original...just like you, Maureen~ xoxoxoxo

blue suede shoes said...

Just ordered this! So excited to start making these prim cuties!!! Thanks Maureen for another winner!!!! xoxo

Windy Knoll Primitives said...

Grandchildren are the best thing in the world. They keep you young at heart and mind.
Love the new pattern. I have many of your patterns and you make working with them easy.
Thank you,

Theresa said...

Love the new pattern!!! I'm going to have to buy it. :0)

Cathyraggedy said...

Oh i love this pattern this little cat are so cutes.