Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Todays, Deal of the Day!


$13.99 plus FREE shipping!
Be sure to check "Budget Shipping" on the left side of the page before you final the order.

P.S.  I'm working on a new raggedy pattern.....can't wait to finish this one!


honeycreekprims said...

What happened to the "heads are gonna roll"? I don't know how you get your heads so round--how about a tutorial for us beginners? Love all your patterns--awesome--you are very talented!

Sheila Davis said...

Thanks for the link Maureen!!!!! We needed this for our daughter's new laptop she got for Christmas. WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see the new raggedy pattern too.

Maureen - said...

I stuff those heads.... and stuff and stuff and stuff. If I cut one open, you would be shocked at how much stuffing comes out!

I am working on a box of heads. Other stuff too. Should be making a "supplies" section later this month on my site!

Sheila, glad you could use it, I got it as well.

Maritza said...

hi and good day!!!! can wait to see the new raggeddy. Remember the head you send me I havent use it.Can you beleive it? one day.... I havent have teh courage to start a doll and use it. Im afraid to damage it.... well hurry up with that nwe pattern... have a GOOD DAY!!!!Maritza-Puerto Rico