Friday, October 1, 2010

Wool, wonderful wool!

I have to tell you about this wool. I have purchased alot of wool for my dollmaking over the years. Some good, some okay, some bad, BAD. I've gotten some wool, just shoved into a bag and a mess to work with. Welllllll, recently I took another chance on some wool and I'm so pleased I want to pass it along to you.

Linda's wool comes to you, all lined up and ready to use. Yeah, that's right, lined up! Each section of wool is lined up and placed atop each other. So nice to just pick up a piece and go. No more pulling, "untangling" and trying to find the "ends" of each section of wool. This is nicely stacked and nicely prim looking and fast shipping too!

She has an artfire shop, click on the url below and check her out yourself. Tell her I sent you!

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Denise Bailey said...

Thank you for sharing where you buy your wool!!