Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Doll and fixins too!

This sweet girl is on auction on ebay, just decided to let one go.  I've listed her on ebay so if you think you'd like to have her, hop on over to my auctions.  This doll also comes with a bonus.  A nice generous portion of our "Farmers Field Fixins".  Smells sooo good and it comes with a dropper bottle of refresher oil.

We also have the fixins for sale.  One bag of fixins + one dropper bottle of refresher oil for $10.00 + ship.
These are the very ones that are a free bonus with my doll auction. Shoot me an email if you are interested!  They smell of apples, oranges, and sweet spices!  My perfect "recipe"!
Me and Mr. SweetMeadows are getting out of town for a bit, really NEED a rest.  I will be able to check email and all orders will be taken care of by my daughter.  If I'm lucky, she might even answer my phone! lol
I don't suppose she'll want to clean the house though...........*sigh*....but at least I can count on the animals being taken care of.
I hope everyone is having the best of days!


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craftswithcare said...

Maureen, your new dolly is adorable!
I love your dolls!