Thursday, July 11, 2013

I've been badddddd....

......a bad blogger  :(
I'm so caught up with the nice weather, always giving in to the temptation of wandering outside to watch my grandies run thru the fields or splash in the pool.  The weather has been grand, warm, WARM and humid.  Followed every few days by a passing shower or two.  The veggie garden is soaking all of this weather up and growing quickly.  The past 3 days we have been picking and eating yellow squash and zucchini,  yum!  I have been snapping up pictures, I will post them in a day or two.  Hope you are enjoying your summer, wherever you happen to be!



Danice said...

Hi Maureen! So good to hear from you. The garden veggies sound really yummy. I love the 3 dolls in your header image :)

Kays Kids said...

Sounds like you are enjoying life. Just as it should be. We are in winter at the moment and I prefer it to our very hot summers.