Saturday, January 7, 2012

A budding dollmaker!

I feel it's so important to encourage creativity in children.  There's more in life than just plunking them down in front of the T.V. or handing over video games.
For Christmas we purchased ALOT of art supplies for my 6 yr. old granddaughter and my 3 yr. old grandson.  They've always had a box on a shelf in my sewing room with their supplies, they know just where to go for them and so enjoy using them.
Sophie wants to sew like Grandma.  So I bought her a little kid sewing machine and she's delighted but she wants to go right to the "big" machine! 

Patience, I tell her, you need to practice first. 

As she familiarizes herself with the machine, her 3 yr old brother Holden asks, "Grandma, is this art supplies?"....hoping for a turn himself!  To which Sophie replies, "NO, this is girl supplies"!!!
Right away, she wants to make a dress for her sister, Lola, who is due to be born anyday.
Oh, if it were only that simple!


Penny said...

She is a sweetie, your little granddaughter! How wonderful that she is following in your footsteps -- she seems to be diving right into sewing on her new machine!!

Happy New Year!!

nkale said...

A wonderful gift from a wonderful grandmother!

Happy New Year!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

So Sweet!!!
I let my Granddaughter do art too!!!
So much fun to teach them a craft. Sometimes she teaches me!LOL
Prim Blessings

Kays Kids said...

Some little girl is following in Grandma's foot steps.

~Tonya said...

ADORABLE! I always encourage my children to create. I love that fact that others encourage it as well. There is way more to life than to sit in front of the tv or the computer.

Way to go, grandma. And boys can sew too....I taught my son to so and for a short time, when he was about 14, he was sewing dolls and selling them online. He made some real good money at it for a while.

Have a great weekend, Maureen.

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

Oh how precious...never too early to ignite the creativity in little ones!!

Gammies' Primitive Attic said...

My 6 year old granddaughter Lily loves to sew too. She goes to my machine and whips up little pillows, etc. But you have inspired me to get here the little Singer machine. I think she will love it...If you and Sophie team up and make a design into a pattern. Lily and I will be the first to try it out...LOL Thanks for your inspirations!!!

Nanna said...

how sweet! 4 of my grand daughetrs are beyween 13-15 thinking about signing them up to Nanna's sweat shop this summer LOL!