Monday, September 26, 2011

Sweet Annie Harvest, etc.

I've been harvesting my Sweet Annie daily now.  I decided to preserve all of it because drying it just ruins becomes brittle and shatters and just makes a mess, not to mention it loses it's green color.
This is much more time consuming and involves a couple steps but worth it.    The plants are quite large this year and they are growing, intertwined with zinnias and cosmos.  My cosmos this year is about 7 feet tall!!
Here are some of the bunches in the dye/preserving solution.

I also cut alot of Tansy and that I'm just bundling and hanging upside
down to dry. 

Our black Walnut tree has lost almost all of it's leaves already, revealing the abundance of walnuts.  These will be dryed and I'll use the hulls for stains and dyes.
There are also plenty on the ground to be gathered.  Here you can see the difference between a dried and not so dried hull.

I hope to have sweet annie and tansy for my fall open house in our shop, October 8 - 10.

The ScareBear pattern is now ready to ship.  If you would like to purchase, simply send an email.  It is $10.50 + shipping.  You can make it plain also or sitting as the pics below show! He's only 15" standing and he's got short legs and is on the chubby side!!


Barbara said...

Love chubby little bears!!!

old crow said...

Maureen, just love the chubby bears!! Adorable!!


Barbara said...

Adorable...he does look a bit concerned about that mouse in his britches though!! Hee hee

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Cute bears. Love the mouse too. Why is it, I hate to see a mouse in the house, but these sewn guys are just too cute!!!!
Hope the migraines get better.

sunshineannie said...

Oh my gosh, your pics sure do bring up a lot of scents. Walnuts have good points but they sure do stink! I started some sweet annie late, so I won't have any to cut. Hopefully it will come back. If it only returns from seed, I'll have to start over. Would you share how you preserve it sometime? (That reminds me I still have some in the greenhouse to plant out..oh dear).
I'm also struggling trying to do too much, and having health problems.It's a mix that just doesn't work. Right now I know that I should cancel out of my craft show but I haven't done it.
Your bear is cute and the mouse is funny peeking out.

JDConwell said...

Great post...from the sweet annie to the wee mousie.

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

I have wasted so much money buying Sweet Annie from people who say it is preserved only for it to be dried. Very frustrating when it just crumbles like that. Your garden looks wonderful. I love the little bears!!

Primitive Seasons said...

I don't grow it to sell but without doing something to preserve it, it's a waste and messy. Could you possibly share the solution you use? Is it something you can purchase or make up yourself. This is the first time I've seen anyone do this! Have so many of your patterns which I love to make. They always go together well and come out looking great!