Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer fun!

Okay, don't get me wrong....summer hasn't been without it's finer moments!
Sometimes you have to stop and just smell the roses....or lillies...whatever it may be.
These are just some random shots from random events or non-events at my home or out and about.
We made this guy for our July  4th BBQ.
He sure was a hit with the kids!
My sister and niece made a TON of designer cupcakes!  This is just a small sampling.
I made everyone take them home that night....I SURE didn't need them!
A quick downpour had us all running for cover and after we were treated with this amazing rainbow.  If you click on the pic, you will notice a second one forming to the right.  Pictures cannot do this justice, we all stood in awe.
We should have a pot of gold, this rainbow ended right in the road in front of our home!
Later in the day everyone gathered around my nieces' car.....keys locked inside.
Everyone had a shot at trying to get the door open without success.
After dark we shot off our firework display and then called Triple A!
My lillies were spectacular this year, they looked artificial!
One afternoon my grandbabies presented me with freshly picked daisies and I decorated them with the flowers!
Recently me and Mr. SweetMeadows took our family out for dinner.  This picture is my daughter and her little family with new baby Gabriella, my other grandies, Sophie and Holden, and my Mom-who is also Gram and Great Gram!

And this photo below is my son and his family.  They are expecting our 4th grandbaby in Jan., their third baby.

Early one morning while everyone was still sleeping and all was quiet, this mist rolled up thru the field.  I tried to capture it with my camera but I couldn't of course, capture the movement.  I stood and watched it until it all drifted away, I was lucky my camera was close by.

I just wish summer lasted a little longer............................



Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

Hi Maureen: Just love the shark watermelon! what a great idea! great pics of the family...and the rainbows and misty fog! Your lillies are beautiful! Yes I wish summer lasted longer too...that's why I want to move to NC....

Susan said...

Beautiful pictures, Maureen. You have a wonderful family.
Warm Regards,
Susan B., Western MA

jennifer768 said...

Maureen loved the family pics! The shark watermelon is just the cutest darn thing! Rainbows just give me such a great feeling when I see them.Cool pic of the mist and the beautiful lily.Hugs,Jen

Kays Kids said...

Hi Maureen, I loved you photos. I certainly will try out the shark
when its summer. My grandee's would love it.
Warm Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Maureen,
Love all your pictures. We are nearly out of winter coming into spring. I'm looking forward to all the flowers blooming and the many BBQs with friends and family. God Bless, Julie-Anne

Jan Conwell said...

You can have our summer--I'll send you some: a little goes a long way. :~)

That was a fabulous shark and a bunch of sweet happy faces. Thank you for sharing your summer!

Judy/My Country Heart Crafts said...

Maureen...these camera shots are BREATHTAKING!!!!! I'm glad you can share the good and bad with all of us! I think we all tend to comfort each other in knowing that we're not alone!!! And the comment about the migraines and your creativity...that's probably's not easy coming up with those designs. I hope you NEVER stop designing patterns. That would be like a painter that stops painting. Your talent is PRICELESS!!!! Enjoy the rest of your summer and that wonderful family!!!

Patti said...

Maureen, I have a question about the Litiz show can you call me ASAP 717~712~4568 thanks Patti