Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Panda-monium here!

Pandas everywhere.
Big pattern here, you get directions/patterns for a 16" standing panda, 12" sitting panda, tiny 7" sitting panda, 9" giraffe, and the pull toy too.  You sure can have lots of fun with this pattern.
I know, I am.  I've got grungy, dirty ol' pandas everywhere right now. 
We are opening up our shop for the season this weekend and I needed to make sure to have some new stuff to offer for sale.
Looks to be a REALLY nice and warm and sunny weekend to boot.  Good thing, as most of May was rained out and cool.

Look at that little pull toy, you can put either the giraffe or the lil panda guy on it!  I even have the pull-toy kits for sale too.
If you want to purchase, simply send an email.  Pattern is $12.00 + shipping.  Pull-toy kits are $5.00 + ship and include the wood, 4 metal wheels, and the string.  You will have to paint and age the wood and the wheels yourself.
Mention my blog and I'll take $1.00 off the pattern.


kavettahulse said...


Sharlene said...

This is gorgeous , will it be coming out in an epattern at any stage?

Enchanted Moments said...

Hi Maureen, just popped an email to you to purchase a few patterns including this new panda one...I forgot to mention in the email that I follow your blog...
Cant wait to make this new fellow, he is certainly very lovely..
Suzanne, Australia..

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...


Inn Country said...

can't wait for this pattern hope it is going to be an e-pattern. When can we purchase it! love your work. Have a beautiful day Lisa

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Ahhh aren't those the most adorable creatures you ever saw?
Love them! Your the greatest!
Prim Blessings

Hanni said...

Hello Maureen, these are just adorable! I just love your work!

old crow said...

Maureen, so excited for the new pattern!! Can't wait to try this one!!

Panda Hugs to You!!

awlc1184 said...

Love all your patterns, but still waiting on your new chicken pattern!

awlc1184 said...

I love all your patterns, but still waiting on your chicken pattern!

awlc1184 said...

didn't mean to send it twice , just had dental surgery, so should not even be on the computer

Nanna said...

these patterns just get cuter & cuter! love the bears & the pull toys!