Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm buried!

Yep, buried. 
Just popping in to say that I AM still here.
I'm trying to catch up with my orders, shipping like a mad-woman every day.
Just plain buried.

But, I have good intentions.
I am planning to finish some new stuff this week.

The weather here has been very un-spring and chilly.
If you have any extra sun or warmth, could you push it to the northeast portion of the U.S. please?

Thank you in advance!
May your day be a good one.


Angela said...

Maureen, At least being buried means business is good. But take some time for yourself. If you could twitch your nose and be here, we had a beautiful warm, but windy day here in the south. But storms are on their way for tonight. Give me cold weather any day. I am terrified of storms. Under a tornado watch as we speak. Take care and have a good week.

serendipity said...

haha....its' yer own fault !!!
you shouldn't be so good at what you do !!! LOL
See how much we all luv yer
joan in italy

Maritza said...

Puerto Rico does it better!!!!
Its hot hot hot in here..... so if you like to come....Welcome!!!!