Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm so ANGRY.

I just got my electric bill, it MORE than doubled.  This happened because they removed the cap.  This is such greed, pure and simple.

They say we can shop around for our electric.....ARE YOU KIDDING????  Where I live we have no other options.
Well, you can bet that I WILL be very diligent about not using electric unless I have to. 
I just don't know how some people will be able to make it....with times as hard as they are for some, they can barely afford to heat their homes and eat let alone pay this kind of bill.
This is outrageous and I plan to write some letters for sure.


Debbie said...

Maureen.... I feel your pain. It is so unfair. We have an all electric home that we rent and we freeze in the winter because we can't afford the electric bill. I hear of what some pay and I don't see how they do it.

Debbie K

Deb @ Crows on the Cupola said...

We feel the same way.. our's has been increasing steady and now the end of March it goes up another 20%. Running our farm is getting more and more expensive, not sure how long folks can take this!

Terri said...

My mother is amazing at saving electricity. I keep telling her she should write a book!

Her main thing is that she unplugs EVERYTHING at night. Nothing glows over night with her. She brought her bill down 60% by doing that. She has a 3000 sq ft home that she pays $60 a month for electricity. She heats with wood and propane.

Letter writing is a great thing to do.

Tess said...

I understand your anger as we have the same problem in Australia. Our electric bill is around $500.00 a quarter. To beat the summer heat we had air conditioners installed but now we can't afford to run them.

Laurie Johnson said...

We live within 10 miles of a big dam...AND use mostly the wood stove to heat our home. Our two month December/January bill was $400. It's crazy!

Jan said...

I too feel your pain. Our heating unit is broken and we were using a kerosun heater to heat the house and we froze at night . My electric bill was $403.00 and we can't understand that. There is no use to argue with the electric company. They don't care. As soon as the weather is good I plan to have a clothesline put up to hang clothes our (we live on a farm) and buy night lights for the house, unplug everything at night and buy new light bulbs. I did notice that when I put in the energy bulbs the electric went up. What's with the new bulbs. i thought they were suppose to save money. If we all stop using so much power then maybe it will be a wake up call for the the electric company's. If I could afford solar panels i would have them installed and just go GREEN. Janice

Cyn said...

I got into it one time with my cable company..I asked the poor guy..how in the world can yall sleep at night knowing what you charge!!

Sooo..now..we dont have cable or a telephone. The only thing I have is internet..and if I had a laptop..I would chug on over to my library and use theirs for free.

Our electric bill in the summer is almost $400 and we live in a 1400 sqft house. It is cause of the air condioning you HAVE TO HAVE in this Arizona heat.