Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here's a dolly tip for you!

I actually found this one out, quite by accident. Long lonnng, ago, I was working on a doll. At that time, I was staining my doll parts prior to stuffing. I grew impatient, which is just one of my traits!, and while my doll parts were still damp, I decided I could wait no more. So I began to stuff. What I found was that the stuffing was more even, the seams filled out nicely with no "ripples" or "puckers" and when it all finally dried, the fabric had shrunk, ever so slightly, getting rid of any tiny wrinkles that still existed. I now had a firmly stuffed doll with nice rounded head, hands and feet.
I adapted this to the way I now work, After the doll parts are sewn, prior to turning them right side out, I lightly spritz them with a water spay bottle (Walmart has them cheap for about .99 cents in the section where get all those little travel sized toiletries).
After you turn your parts, spritz again. Stuff the doll right away before it begins to dry.

Oh, one more thing, I ALWAYS wash and dry my muslin prior to cutting and sewing. It removes and kind of "finish" that is on the fabric.
Hope this helps someone!!


Patti said...

Thanks Maureen, certainly makes sense but I would not have thought of that...what a great idea..can't wait to try it.

just me said...

great trick thanks!! i always have trouble getting the necks stuffed tight on one of my raggedy ann patterns. i will for sure be trying this trick!!!:)

Lulubells Creative Studios said...

Thanks for the dolly tip, one thing that frustrates me is the stuffing not being smooth and firm and without wrinkles. will try it with my next doll.

PatC - All is Bright said...

Alright! thanks for that tip - can't wait to try that. Thanks so much for sharing!



anniebeez said...

great tip! This works especially well for the round head-it really helps to get the shape nice and full the way you want it.

Margarita said...

Thanks for the tip, I will use it for the dolls that I have now, they have very round heads, and I have felt reluctant to finish them, but your advise gave me new inspiration. THANKS AGAIN!

Chez Le Pouppe said...

Such great tip, thank you, we dollmakers come up with some quirky happenings once in a while,that we do not know how to solve, don't we?