Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A giveaway!!

Well, I've spent waaayyyy too much time trying to feel better AND trying to get some of my info onto the new hard drive, locating pics and files, etc. I'm not even anywhere near where I need to be but oh well for now! lol

I'll be putting up a doll tomorrow for a giveaway. Since I've lost my entire email list, if you sign up for email you will be entered in the drawing. In addition, if you mention the giveaway on your blog, you will be entered again. THIRD, if you leave a comment, you will be entered one more time.

That's THREE chances to win!
To be added to my email list, simply send and email to: and put "email list" in the subject line.

Be sure to check tomorrow for a picture, you'll just love this sweet dolly!


Феникс said...

Cheers! I'm first! I am recording with great pleasure! I am your regular reader! I very much want to hear from you doll! How will the photo posted the link in my blog! With greetings from Russia!

sunflwr1 said...

I'm excited! Can hardly wait to see her!

Debbie said...

I don't know how I have missed reading your blog. I am now a follower and would love to be entered in your giveaway. I love dolls and can't wait to see her. I have also emailed you and posting about your blog on mine.

Take Care,

Anonymous said...

Please enter me! I love all your dolls!

Anonymous said...

Please enter me! I love all your dolls!

Debbie said...

just wanted to let you know I was having trouble before posting to my blog about your giveaway but its there now. :)


Boltz Raggedies said...

Hi Maureen =] I blogged about your giveaway, requested to be added to your email list & I'm commenting. Please enter me in your giveaway, I'm definately a HUGE fan of yours! Thanks so much.

mike said...

She is lovely , reminds me of my grand daughter , sweet little blonde and blue eyed girl. Donna

Angela said...

Love her. Thank you for sharing.

Suzanne said...

I'm leaving this comment so I can be entered into the dolly contest... I also sent you an email to be on your mailing list AND I will be mentioning your contest on my blog as soon as I'm done here! Thanks Maureen for this fun way to break up a boring January! Hugs! Suzanne

(I never win contests BUT I keep trying!! LOL)

Viki said...

Thanks a lot for ths giveaway. I love your dolls and I would love to have this one next to my computer so I will never forget how important love is for everybody and how miserable we all will be without it.Hugs, Victoria

LeeHillPrimitives said...

I love your dolls and patterns too. I bought some of your patterns, but when we moved from PR to VA, the moving company lost one of my boxes and they are there. I had one doll that I made from your patterns, the rest of them are sold, and only had pic's of them. Well, please enter my name in your giveaway. Who knows I could win this beauty.

Beth said...

Great doll. Very sweet face. Thanks for the give-a-way!

Deb's Country Crafts said...

She's VERY cute Maureen! Thanks for the chance to win her. Hope you have a nice getaway. Hugs!

Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

Please enter me, she is just great! I have signed up for your email list, and I am off to post this on my blog.
Thanks so much.

Carlie said...

Please sign me up for you adorable doll giveaway, she is so cute! I am also joining your email list.

peggy said...

I love using your patterns so your name is mentioned very often on my blog. I'll be sure to post your giveaway for it is a real cutie, as all your dolls. Thanks so much.

schutt6 said...

OH LUCKY YOU Maureen heading to Lancaster!!!!
I'd luv to be entered to win your dollie! :-)


Maureen...I so understand about a crashing mine had crashed and I lost and e-mail of friends...I even had a favorites list of some patterns to buy...lost that too! Well now that we are both found again...I am excited to send you my e-mail to be on your mailing list again...and of course please put me in for the giveaway...she is a sweet little thing...and Jalina Rose (yes I am finally a Grammy) would love her! Thanks...and I hope you have a great little trip!

Jess said...

Oh she is gorgeous - she is a cheek have always admired your work!


old_roses-memories said...

I love your dolls and pattern, Maureen.
Please enter me, she is such a beautiful doll !
I have signed up for your email list and already posted on my blog.
Thanks so much.

Take care of you

Many greetings

carla ( said...

HI!!! She is cute and sweet!!!!!
I will post on my blog!!!! Fun fun fun!!!!! hugs carla

ROSA said...

WOW!!! This is really some wonderful candy.. Thanks for a chance to win..
saluti dall'italia the post on
Hugs, rosa
i am new follower ;-)

coccinelle said...

This is really some wonderful candy. Thanks for these 3 chance to win.
i post on
i am new follower, and i have sended my email for request of mail list!!

Country Laura said...

It's wonderful candy!
Thanks for these three chance to win.
I post on:
I am new follower

TheRustyThimble said...

WOW she is so SWEET I love love a chance to win this precious baby.
I am following and I will add it to my blog as well. Thank you
By the way I love your banner LOL I thought I was the only one who had dolls hanging outside makes for a conversation with passers by LOL.

Marcie said...

Your dollies have always made me smile! I think your newest doll is simply adorable!

Marcie said...

I just emailed you to add me to your mailing list! I'm so excited! I love your dolls & patterns!

Yvettetwo said...

What a lovely little lady! I so enjoy coming here to see what's going on.
Thank you for putting sun and smiles in my day.
I have bought patterns but haven't had the time to do any yet(Grr..). I need to prioritize better! :)
I don't have a blog yet, but I am signed up now for your new email list. I would be honored to win your newest doll.
Thanks, Holly

Rooster Inn Primitives said...

Love the new doll. My daughter is blonde with blue eyes..Please enter me


Lynn @ Painting Thyme Needfuls said...

Please enter me in your give away ! I will post on my blog! I signed up for your email list.

Ahl Cooped Up said...

Hi Maureen, I'm putting your giveaway on my blog. I love your dolls, and would cherish this one, If I win!

Julie said...

Oh she is so cute -you are very talented :)

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hi Maureen,

What a sweetie ! and a sweet giveaway !

Please enter me in your giveaway.. and I will write you to be put on your email list.


ceekay said...

I think your doll is precious. I love her face. I am new to your blog...looks wonderful!
I know I am coming in at the end...but maybe last will be good this draw!!

arlette said...

Not sure how to put the email sign up, so then I became your follower, hope you don't mind, or please tell me, because I really really love the cutie patotie!!!, I have a big space in my home to give her a new one!

arlette said...

Geez, I'm guessing I'm sleepy, I just found the way to be in the mailing list, lol!, don't blame me!, I put the button info about your giveaway in my blog, left hand!, now crossing my fingers and toes!

barbara burkard said...


just me said...

just found you on here!! have several patterns and many more i want!!:) would love to win the real thing by the artist!! please enter me, i will be signing up for your mailing list and posting on my blog. have a happy day!