Friday, May 20, 2011

Three way cool things

Okay, so I'm a bit sluggish in the blogging dept. as of late.

I have excuses...I've been busy.
Last weekend three really great things took place.
Thing number 1: My Daughter-in-law graduated from PennState
We got there early enough but it was still really crowded already.  Had to sit in the bleachers
actually sat wayyyy up top but turns out those were great seats......just a little hard! lol
While we waited I must have read thru this at least 10 times!
Before you knew it, they all filed in......whew, it was starting to get hot in there!
I just wanted to share this tidbit from the program!
She's the one with "Hi Dad!" written on the top of her cap.  Her dad passed away a year ago, this was her way of including him!!
Waiting patiently in line for her name to be called!
Afterwards, we took pictures out on the lawn where they had a small catered reception.
This is my proud son and his wife.
And what picture isn't complete with out the Pennstate Lion and a member of the band! LOL

Erika, we all love you and are so proud of you.  You got your degree while having and raising two little children!

Thing number 2:  Hubby took me away for a few days to visit my daughter and our newest grandbaby, barely 3 weeks old.  I was missing her soooo much and spent those day just holding and kissing her.  We even convinced my daughter to come home for the week with the baby!

Thing number 3:  I received a text, EARLY in the morning on the day we were to leave to visit my daughter.  My son stated that the kids wanted to come over and say Good By.....WHAT?...we are only going for a few days.....okay, whatever, I never pass up a chance to see grandbabies!  When they came in, I noticed writing on their shirts but didn't pay attention as I gave hugs and kisses.  When I stood back, I read on Sophie's shirt, "Big Sister Again" and Holden's shirt read, "Big Brother".
Well, guess what, I'm gonna be a grandma again.....WOOOHOOO, soon we'll have a fourth grandbaby!

For me, this week, good things came in threes!


NancyD said...

Well you have such wonderful reasons to be absent from Blogland! What fantastic news you have to share, and congratulations on becoming a Grandma again! How special is that??? :)

NickelNook said...

Well YAY for you and all your big HAPPY news Maureen!! Congratulations to you and all of your family! Thank you for sharing! (I have to tell you I started crying at the "Hi Dad" on the cap and it just went on from there!)...Nancy :o)

Mary said...

So happy to hear your week has been going to wonderful for you. WoooHoo...Maureen on having another addtion to the family! Aren't grand babies soooo wonderful!There's no greater love!!! Hugssss Mary

Designs By GuKa said...


What a lovely family you have!

God has truly blessed you!

~ Ilona

Jill D said...

What a lovely week!! It's nice to have just one bit of good news, but you've had 3....yaay.
Thank you for sharing this with us all and have a great weekend
Jill x

Susie said...

Congratulations to you and your family on the upcoming arrival of another grandchild! My grandson is just 3 weeks old and we are in awe and in LOVE.

Mamaws Creations said...

It is great reading you had a super good week!! and another grandchild on the way is wonderful news!

paperpest said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful week. I finished one of your angel patterns, you can see it here

Kays Kids said...

How wnderful are family's, the joy of achivements and of new members arriving. Plusmaking babies feel so loved in our arms is truely a blesing.

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

What wonderful celebrations!! Congrats gramma!! ~Kriss~

Barbara said...