Thursday, March 17, 2011

The chicken or the egg..........?, which came first?

Well, in this case, the eggs!

Why, you ask, welllll, simply because the chicken isn't finished yet!

hee hee.....

Fast making eggs, 4" long each, a cheapo pattern for sure but will probably have a deal for it when the chicken is available.

Soon.....very soon.


Primitive Echoes said...

Oh the eggs are so cute. I can't wait to see the chicken.

Traci said...

Maybe you can tell me Why the Chicken Crossed the Road! LOL, love your eggs, will keep an eye out for your chicken...Spring Blessings, Traci

Leanne said...

Cute eggs!!!
Waiting for the chicken!
Enjoy your day,

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

Oh I'm lovin' these eggs....can't wait to see the chicken!

Ahl Cooped Up said...

I'm so happy you are so talented!!I already love the eggs, I can hardly wait for the Chicken.

SANDI said...

Love those eggs. I bought a pattern too, and mine didn't turn out like the pattern or like yours, LOL. I guess my sewing skills aren't that great! Can't wait to see your chicken.

barbara burkard said...

omg...chicken chicken chicken!!!! can't wait!!! and the eggs are darling! yes..pattern! SOON! (PLEASE AND THANK YOU!) CLUCK CLUCK

Becky said...

Love the colors of the eggs. You did a wonderful job. Can't wait to see what the chicken looks like.
Becky at Ginger Creme Hollow