Friday, June 25, 2010

And the saga continues!

I feel like this is a soap opera! LOL! We'll cal it, "As The Doll Dries"!
As you know, yesterday I retrieved a very wet black doll from the back yard. I put her in the oven to dry her slowly. IN the meantime, hubby called and I told him about the poor, wet dolly.
He suggested I put the doll in the greenhouse. Yup, that's right! We have hardly anything in there now as the planting has been done and it gets hot a heck in there during the day.
Well, it worked! So now I'm drying dolls and critters in the greenhouse! Yesterday afternoon a nice stained chicken took it's place out there and dryed very nicely in a short time!
No more heating the oven this summer!!

Well, today it's very humid and supposed to be sunny. I have plans this weekend to work on a pumpkin doll, very cute I might add, and will be in pattern form sooner or later. Then it's out to the garden and also some mowing......UGH!
Enjoy your day!!!


Nanna said...

well if cabbage patch babies can be born in a cabbage field , why can't your babies be born in a green house LOL, no worries of rain or critters carring them off that's for sure!

Josh said...

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carla ( said...

Hey great idea and best of all can keep your house cooler that way!!! Yaa glad it worked out on the poor little dolly!!! Bet she will be extra special!!!! hugs

just me said...

sometimes husbands come up with the most simple ideas and they work

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

What a great idea and think about it you are doing your part on "going green".

Debbie said...

I think using the greenhouse is a wonderful idea! I know anytime I don't have to use the oven is great especially in this heat.


Anonymous said...

Hey, wonderful idea, Maureen! My greenhouse is fairly empty now too (save the potted tomatoes and a few ladybugs), so I'll have to try it. Happy dolly-drying! :-)

barbara burkard said...

and it makes a hubby grin that he has come up with a WINNER!!!